These Maison Close goods are your tools for teasing and pleasing.  The minute we got our hot little hands on them, we knew they would fit right in for our Erotic Education Box.

First, the cupless bralette...

We always debate back and forth whether lingerie during sex is actually...practical. Sure, it's lovely and makes us feel all sexy like but it can certainly get in the way of the fun.  When we first saw this bralette, we knew the debate was settled. Lingerie: on; all the fun of full contact of nakedness: STILL ON. 

We also thought this very packable item was great for one of those long, busy days when you don't really want to be wearing lingerie all day but would like something saucy for the night.  Simply pack your Maison Close bralette and you're good to go for a early evening switcheroo. 

Oh, and as for this ruler... 

Well, use it to tease, to tempt, to teach. It's a fun and frisky toy that should be useful in a playful way.  Whether using the golden tassel to tickle your partner or to give a kinky spank: start slow, keep talking and enjoy a little exchange of power. 

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