In theory, a dildo might be the most intuitive of all sex toys: insert, remove, insert, remove, repeat. But the reality is far more complicated--despite prevailing metaphors, vaginas aren’t keyholes or sockets. They don’t just open or spark simply from having something stuck inside them. A good vibrator can take all the work out of manual stimulation, but even the best of dildos are a commitment. They will keep you busy. But much of the time, good sex takes work, and a good dildo--like any simple machine--changes the magnitude of a force. Your body will reward your efforts.

All of this is to say that a great night (or morning, or afternoon) with a dildo takes some creativity and fine motor skills. We’ll leave the motor skills up to you, but this guide to the glas G-spot dildo aims to take some of the hard thinking out of the equation. While improvisation is an undeniably hot element of sex, sometimes (and especially when it comes to an unfamiliar toy) you just want some direction. Obviously the following are meant as general guidelines--hopefully you’ll find something that works for you, and you can go from there!

The design of this particular glas dildo (and any g-spot toy) requires you to pay attention to the orientation of the toy once it’s inserted. A g-spot tickler is no good if the curved end isn’t touching a g-spot. If you’re lying on your back, the curve of the toy should face up as you insert it. Recent research on the g-spot describes it as more of a region or zone than an actual spot, which is good news for when you’re trying to locate it, since it gives you a little more lee-way, even just abstractly. Something I really enjoy about the glas toy is that its descriptor “tickler” is actually pretty apt--the angle and short curve are quite gentle on your g-spot when you move it back and forth. If you’re looking for more intensity, you can apply more pressure by pressing the outside end of the toy down and using more of a rocking motion (as opposed to just thrusting).

It’s also worth spending some time on the specificity of this toy’s material. If you’re new to glass toys, it’s probably going to feel pretty different than most other things that have been inside your vagina. Glass is very hard and rigid, and doesn’t have any give or flexibility the way silicone toys (and penises) do. This may seem totally obvious--”duh, it’s glass”--but considering all the nerve endings in the area and the specificity of that particular muscle group, a glass dildo is going to feel very different inside your vagina than it does in your hand. Once it’s inserted, try squeezing your muscles around it to get a feel for its particular shape and density. Some say the rigidity intensifies orgasms...I’m not working with a scientifically respectable sample size here, but my research supports this claim.

Glass is also much, much smoother than any silicone toy. Use plenty of lube to really appreciate just how slick the toy can get. Glass is also unique in that it retains temperature--you can run the toy under hot tap water for a few minutes to warm it up, or cool it down with ice water. This is a much nicer and less chemically-induced way of achieving the hot-and-cold sensation that so many lubes seem to go for.

In all likelihood, using a dildo is going to be a two-handed operation--you’ll want one hand for the dildo, and one either on your clit or operating something buzzy for external stimulation (this applies whether you’re using this on a partner or on yourself). Personally, I find that g-spot stimulation without any kind of external activity can feel more pokey than sexually transcendent, but using a vibrator alongside it makes all the difference. If you received the glas g-spot dildo in your Escape Edition box, that means you also have a really nifty little bullet vibrator. These two are awesome together--use them!

I’d recommend starting with some external stimulation to warm up a little before you start using the dildo, especially if you’re new to glass, dildos, g-spot stimulation, or all of the above. If you’re using the toy on a partner, work up to it, and start out gently. The beauty of using a dildo for penetration is that you can pair it with things that don’t often accompany toy-less penetrative sex--like oral sex. (Looking for another way to warm up to using the toy for penetration? Try using the rounded end as a massager with some oil or lotion on their back or shoulders.) Again, keep track of the orientation of the toy once it’s inserted--ideally, you’ll be able to keep the toy in the same upright position so that the curved end stays on the g-spot the whole time. The combination of external vibration and g-spot stimulation can be intense--maybe you or your partner will want to do this until you or she comes, maybe you’ll just be into it for a few hot minutes. Either way, it’s probably going to feel pretty amazing.

Just like sex without props, trying a new position can make all the difference. Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you have to stay on your back in the missionary position of masturbation--try flipping over, or even getting on all fours--do whatever gives you the best access and the most range of motion for your hands. Likewise, just as you might cycle through a few positions with a partner during sex, try seeing which positions prompt you or your partner to use the toy in new ways. If you’re used to having the kind of sex where everyone’s junk is busy doing something to someone else’s junk, a dildo can be kind of a revelation. Suddenly, there’s so much flexibility! Your partner can use a toy on you while you go down on him or her...all at the same time! (One possibility for this: lie next to each other, faces/hands adjacent to the other’s hips. Another: have your partner stand next to the bed while you lie perpendicular to their body. They can reach over your body to use the toy(s) on you while your mouth is busy.)

Once you’ve exhausted yourself(ves) with all this g-spot exploration and deep, intense, glass-induced orgasms, you’ll be glad to know that cleaning a glass toy is really straightforward. You can use regular hand soap and water, or you can even throw it in the dishwasher. No judgment, however, if you just pass out right away and resolve to deal with it later.