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12 Rated-R Valentine's Day Gifts for each Zodiac Sign

By Six the Sexstrologer

Roses are red and violets are blue, Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it’s time to spoil your boo (or yourself because #SelfLove). Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to go out of your way and show that someone special someone you appreciate them. Of course, this shouldn’t be the only day that you show your lover that they are valued—that’s something we should be doing 365 days a year. However, most of us are balling on a budget, which means a spectacular gift once a year is easier to justify. I mean really, I don’t have the bank account to constantly drown myself (and my lovers) in lavish sex toys (yet). That’s exactly why every time this year I go all out. It could be for a cutie I’m crushing on, or just for myself… But I always make sure that when I give gifts, I’m picking out the very best items. Whether you’re a gift-giving guru who decides your presents months in advance, or if you’re a last-minute magician who’s about to pull a gift out of your hat—this gift-giving guide is going to tell you exactly what you should be buying this Valentine’s Day. Be sure to check the Sun, Moon, Rising, and Venus; especially because Venus is all about pleasure.


Illustration of Aries zodiac symbol

Aries isn’t a huge fan of additional thrills. When they are laying down the pipe, they prefer to go all-in for raw and real experience. At best, they might bring a dildo, strap-on, or just condoms (because safe sex is the best sex), but outside of that, they can be pretty quick to the act. They like sex to be primal, instinctual, not previously planned and thoroughly thought about. So if you’re an Aries or you’re trying to buy something for an Aries, I highly suggest Clitoral Jolt Gel. Now look, I understand that some people subscribe to the whole “spit as a lubricant” idea, however, it’s not as effective as you’d like to think. With Clitoral Jolt Gel lube, you'll have a little extra assistance to get the water running. I would suggest for every Aries to try to incorporate lubes into their sexual routine—they can actually make the sex or masturbation easier to indulge in. While Aries may lose some interest after getting what they want, giving them an experience that keeps them coming back for more is exactly how you keep them.


Illustration of Taurus zodiac symbol

What better gift to give Taurus than something they can proudly adorn themselves with, like the Venus necklace? Taurus takes pride in having “cool” and visually appealing things around them. This commonality has everything to do with Venus being their sign’s ruler. Hello, Venus IS the Goddess of beauty and pleasure. While this might sound sentimental, when you give someone a piece of jewelry, you’re giving them a reason to think about you. Being ruled by Venus, Taurus enjoys the sensation of feeling good, which is why they work so hard to maintain a comfortable standard of living. Even the way they enjoy sex relates back to sensuality and indulgence. Pro-tip, they’ll lose their minds over massages before sex. Giving Taurus a physical and material item is giving them a reason to want to be around you, especially if you’re good at things like kissing, cuddling, and sharing your snacks. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to take your Taurus boo out to dinner, woo and seduce them, then whip this gift out. Trust me, if you have a romantic presentation, then they’ll be thinking of you all night long.


Illustration of Gemini zodiac symbol

Gemini has a real “what’s this?” type of energy, which is exactly what gets them into all kinds of curious situations. They have a deep and insatiable desire to better understand the world around them, and even when they hesitate, it’s not because they are absolutely opposed to the ideas being displayed. Geminis can be a little shy initially, but it’s probably because their curiosity has gotten them into some less than ideal situations. With that being said, curiosity may have killed the cat, but satisfaction will bring him back. Nothing screams pleasure like a Gemini who’s quite tied up in a sticky situation (feel free to sit on that visual). It’s when Gemini lets themselves express what they like out loud, that they allow themselves to explore the questions being born in their heads. Maybe you want to spice up the sex with your Gemini boo, and if you haven’t used toys before, Cuffies are a perfect introduction. They're small and cute, so you don’t have to worry about scaring your Gemini off. They might not take it seriously, at least not initially. But give them time and a little bit of stimulation, because you might end up finding yourself going past first base and making a homerun.


Illustration of Cancer zodiac symbol

Hot take, but Cancer placements have the most notable boobs out of all of the Zodiac signs. Not to mention that many of them are enamored and enchanted by a pleasant set of breasts or chest. Perhaps it’s because Cancer is such a nurturing sign and breast and chest symbolize security and nurturance, or it could be because Cancer quite literally rules over the chest and breast. Either way, without being too crude, surprise your Cancer-Cutie with Exotic Cancer and Unbound’s provocative Nipple and Clit Clamps! This gift features a pink enamel pendant that can be worn separately or as a part of the whole piece, which is perfect for fashion or play. As the title suggests, the toy is perfect for gentle nipple and clitoral stimulation, and 6.9% of Unbound’s portion of revenue will be donated to the Global Network of Sex Work Projects. Fun fact: buying your Cancer crush a gift that shows you’re thinking of the betterment of larger society could be something that touches their heart and mind.


Illustration of Leo zodiac symbol

Everything about Leo screams statement piece—from their hair to their style—which is why it's important that your gift stands out. While Leo can take pretty much anything and make it #Fabulous4Life, they truly do value when you make their job easier. ‬‪Being a regale and royal energy, they’ll appreciate everything in the Golden Babe Set. The set includes sex toys that double as jewelry, featuring the Palma vibrator ring, Golden Whip Necklace, and Harness. All perfect for a lion who likes to show out, in and out of the bedroom!‬ If you’re really trying to blow Leo’s mind, try individually wrapping each gift with glitter and gold. They love to feel as though their loved ones went above and beyond to show their appreciation! If you’re feeling extremely dedicated to appeasing the lion, write a letter to them to couple with the gifts. Leo loves to know that they are noticed and practically become kitten whenever they are praised. If these gifts are given properly, many of the pieces can become talking points for your Leo lover to tell their friends and family all about who spoiled them this year!


Illustration of Virgo zodiac symbol

Mutable Virgo has a lot going on and the best thing to calm their nerves is to literally tie them down and (consensually) force them to enjoy themselves. Virgo is no stranger to using a safe word, which means that you should expect a sexual partner with a fairly open mind. Being a mutable sign that’s ruled by Mercury, Virgo has a lot of thoughts running through their mind on a constant basis. It’s unlikely that they’re going to share exactly how they are interpreting life as they know it, which means all those endless thoughts are just trapped in their head making it really difficult for them to chill out. This is why the Sea of Silicone Set is perfect for the Virgo in your life, as well as you if you’re into exploring some light BDSM. This set features Pogo, which is a great beginner dildo that's harness-compatible. Once you and your lover are feeling a little more comfortable and experimental, toys such as Bandit, Cuffies, Romp, and Jelly are tools that could inspire chills and thrills from your play partner. While Virgo can dip into the depths of pleasure fun, it’s important to check in to ensure that boundaries aren’t pushed too far!


Illustration of Libra zodiac symbol

Libra is a sign that adores going above and beyond for others, so much so that they struggle to prioritize themselves. Known for their charming and aesthetically pleasing presence, when you are gifting something to a Libra you should be sure to present them with a present worth gushing over. Libras love complimenting their loved ones and letting them know when they’ve done a great job, which makes it tricky for some people to realize when they’ve actually hit the mark. Libras give without thinking too much of it, which means that most times they will show appreciation even if you just gave them a pair of socks. If you really want to wow and woo your Libra lover, gift them the Cleo Bangle Handcuffs, which are multipurpose for pleasure and presence. These handcuffs are gold and engraved with the phrase “There’s freedom in restraint,” which is basically a Libra mantra. Because they are always doing too much, they struggle with the feeling of being overwhelmed and unappreciated. Surprise your Libra with a gift that they can wear out to dinner, as well as in the bedroom! I can promise this will give them a reason to daydream about you, even when you aren’t around.


Illustration of Scorpio zodiac symbol

People have this dark outlook on Scorpio, and honestly, they aren’t that far off. Scorpio is intense in nature and they don’t mind going to extremes or exploring the depths of life. That being said, they enjoy affection and quality as well. Known for being the God of the underworld, Hades was known to keep quality items that were regarded as “rare.” If you were unaware, Pluto (or Hades) is considered to be the co-ruler of Scorpio. It’s that Plutonian influence that inspires Scorpio to choose quality over quantity, which is why the Lap of Luxury set is perfect for the Scorpion in your life! The set features the pleasure wand Ollie, which is cordless and can be used during your Scorpio’s “self-care showers.” Clitoral Jolt Gel, which will both put your lover at ease and aid them in enjoying the experience. Together, the gag bar Bit and the bondage tape Tether can enhance your partner’s sense. Be sure to take your time with the foreplay—intimacy is a must for Scorpio placements. If you move too fast or with ulterior motives, they’ll notice and run away!


Illustration of Sagittarius zodiac symbol

Sometimes all Sagittarius is worried about is getting to first base, being ruled by Jupiter, so it’s very important for them to feel like they can get their foot in any door. This by no means suggests that they’ll go ahead and shack up with just anyone—even the wanderlust-filled Sagittarius has standards. They want a partner who will hop on and ride far beyond where the sunsets. Jupiter encourages and motivates Sagittarius to explore and open themselves to new experiences, people, and adventures. So while they might not always be as “freaky” as other signs, they have a pretty “try anything once” approach to life. The First Base Set seems pretty tame at first, but this set is marketed to both rookies and pros for a reason. Sagittarius can take the most basic of tools and blow people’s minds (and privates) with them. This includes Bean, a waterproof vibrator with six settings and the ability to be used in various places and locations. The OMG Spot Stim Serum, Clitoral Jolt Gel, and Jelly act as lubricants that can provide a plethora of sensations; god forbid your Sagittarius combines them with the other toys… Couldn’t you just imagine the combination of Clitoral Jolt Gel and Gem? Your Sagittarius will have a field day experimenting and playing with each new toy that you gift them with, so much so that they’ll always remember what first base felt like with you in mind.


Illustration of Capricorn zodiac symbol

If you’ve honestly internalized the (false) belief that Capricorn placements are boring, have I got some news for you. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of work and structure. To another person who lacks patience, this may seem dull or “unfortunate,” but it's actually the source of Capricorn's intense sexual energy. Saturn plays with themes of punishment, discipline, and reward through hard work, which is the perfect recipe for a person who would maybe be inclined to enjoy BDSM play. You’ll have to ask them what types of freaky acts they enjoy, and if you decide you can keep up, then the Kinkstarter Set is the gift that keeps on giving. Recently restocked and worth the wait, the set includes: Nipple & Clit Clamps, Tsk (a tassel/paddle), Romp (butt plug), Jelly (lubricant), Gem (glass dildo), and Spike (pinwheel sensation tool)—oh my! Your Capricorn lover may hesitate to use every single toy on you, but if you stick around you might find yourself pleasantly surprised. Safewords are a must with this set because while you may feel zealous and ready, your Capricorn believes in build-up over time. If at any point you need to stop, it’s important to let your partner know, especially because Capricorns pride themselves on respect for themselves and others.


Illustration of Aquarius zodiac symbol

Yes, this assignment is largely based on the “Aquarius are aliens" joke, but hear me out. Aquarius is considered alien in the most positive way, especially given the way humans have been taking care of our society. Aquarius lives life in the third person, so they are often considering the numerous perspectives out there. Aquarius is the other side of Saturn, so instead of starting up structures, Aquarius seeks to innovate by turning the world on its head. The Cum in Peace set features the UFO-shaped, waterproof and body-safe silicone vibrator, Saucy, as well as two other cosmically inspired pleasure tools that will send you out of this world. Stellar is an intergalactic glass toy that’s wonderful for internal and external stimulation—perfect for whenever your Aqua-bae needs to escape this solar system. And the Orion cuffs are perfect for temporary restraint before they rebel. This selection is purposely different than the rest because, with Aquarius, it’s important to always defy the norm.


Illustration of Pisces zodiac symbol

When a Pisces likes you, they really really like you. I’m talking scribbling your name in their notebook and mindlessly doodling flowers and hearts, all while imagining your little forest wedding. Yeah, when a Pisces likes you, they really really like you. This is why the Like-Like You Set isn’t just a perfect gift, but it can also be a meaningful and validating gesture. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter which means their interest in their crushes can become so expansive that they start to feel endless, especially because they’re a water sign! When they have crushes they enjoy the wonder of “do they like me back,” and even Pisces who are in steady relationships love to hear “yes, I still have a crush on you.” The Like-Like You set features Bender (a flexible vibrator), OMG Spot Serum (lubricant), Cuffies (handcuffs), and the Truth Or Dare playing cards! Much like their Jupiter-ruled sibling, Pisces doesn’t need an extremely sophisticated play-set. While imaginative Pisces won’t have any issues drowning you in the sweet waters of arousal, keeping it sweet and innocent is a perfect first set. Sometimes all a Pisces needs to know is that you like them, like, “like-like” them.


Six is a Miami based Sex Astrologer and Intimacy doula that promotes sex-positivity and self explorations with astrology. Six offers workshops, consultations, and partnerships that encourage individuals to seek, obtain, and maintain meaningful relationships and connections. Through various means of connecting with clients, Six's work helps clients feel seen, validated and understood. Follow Six on Instagram @blackwomencry

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