We absolutely love Lelo's Luna Beads Noir.  If you're new to the ball game, here's our FAQ style guide that should give you a good idea of how to use them and what they're used for.  

What are Luna Beads?
Luna Beads are a form of Kegel, or Ben Wa, ball. They're a weighted plastic bead that can be used for both sexual pleasure and sexual health.

What do they do?
You may have heard of Kegel exercises, which can help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles--meaning better vaginal tone and more intense orgasms. Some women find these exercises confusing, or feel like they aren't getting quite the work out they want. Luna Beads offer a fun, easy way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, just by wearing them.

How do they work?
First and foremost, Luna Beads work simply by being inside your vagina. If you're standing or walking around, your vaginal muscles have to work to keep the weight of the beads inside. Additionally, Luna Beads are designed to shift their weight as you move, creating an unpredictable workout that helps strengthen your muscles even further.

How do I put them in?
First decide what sort of weight or resistance you're interested in. If you're new to Kegel exercises, start with just one bead (the one with the attached loop, so you'll be able to easily remove it); if you're feeling more advanced, use the silicone harness to join the two beads into one toy. Prep yourself with a bit of water-based lube (we've packed along a quickie sample of Pink Water Lube to start you off!) and gently insert the Luna Beads into your vagina (being careful to leave the cloth loop outside of your body for easy removal).

What happens once they're inside?
Once you've inserted your Luna Beads, the next step is up to you. Walk around, take a shower, go for a jog--whatever you feel like! As you wear your Luna Beads, the movements you make will shift the weight beads inside of you, forcing your muscles to adapt and strengthen as they work to keep the beads inside of you (added bonus: some women find the sensation created by Luna Beads to be incredibly pleasurable). If you're just starting, try keeping your Luna Beads in for 15 minutes; as you get more comfortable with them, see if you can go for longer stretches of time--or intensify your work out by adding in the second bead, and trying the Luna Beads at a heavier weight.

Will these get lost inside of me?
Fortunately, no. The vagina doesn't go on forever--where the cervix starts, the vagina stops, and the cervical opening is way too small to let your Luna Beads get lost (it's the same reason why you can wear a tampon). However, you may find it more difficult to get the Luna Beads out if you push them really far inside of you, so it's generally a good idea to keep the loop outside of your body.

How do I remove my Luna Beads?
When you've had your fun (or completed your exercise routine) gently pull on the cord to remove the Luna Beads. They should come out relatively easily, and some women find removing them to be a pleasure in and of itself. Don't be alarmed if they come out a little messy. It's perfectly normal for your Luna Beads to be coated with lubrication or vaginal secretions (after all, they did just spend fifteen minutes inside a vagina).

How do I clean my Luna Beads?
Luna Beads are made of hard ABS plastic and silicone, so they're easy to clean. Remove the beads from the harness and gently wash with warm water and antibacterial soap. Allow the beads to dry before reinserting them into the harness.

My Luna Beads fell out!
If you're just getting started with Luna Beads, you may find them a bit difficult to use at first. It's okay--with practice, and time, you'll find your muscles strengthening, and the beads will be easier and easier to keep inside. Start with the lowest weight, and work to keep them in as long as you can. The more you use them, the easier you'll find it to keep them in.

Can I pee with my Luna Beads in?
Yes. Luna Beads are used vaginally, and shouldn't interfere with urination.

Can I put my Luna Beads in my butt?
While there are beads that are designed for anal play, Luna Beads should not be used anally. If you're interested in exploring anal beads, check out one of these toys.

Can I use my Luna Beads with a partner?
Yes! Though it may be difficult to have vaginal sex while using Luna Beads, there are plenty of other ways that you and your partner can use them to have a good time. Text your partner while you're wearing them around town, and turn your Luna Beads into a sexy secret you share. Try a little tug of war, working to keep the beads inside while your partner gently pulls on them. And if you enjoy anal play, you may find that your Luna Beads enhance the pleasure you get from anal stimulation.

Anything else I should know?
If you use lube with your Luna Beads, make sure it's water-based, as silicone-based lube could ruin the toy's harness.

Where to buy?

Lelo's Luna Beads can be purchased on Unbound's Shop!



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