Living in a world of filtered Instagram images and trending #thighgap hashtags is really effing hard. It's also not a true depiction of reality. The relationship you have with your body is complicated and deeply intimate.

We can't pretend that we have the best answer for everyone, but here are a couple of things to remind yourself next time you're gearing up for a little bow chica wowwww wow and need a babe-to-babe pep talk!

1. Be in Charge

Make a move to get on top or carry out your favorite thing to do in the bedroom. Being in charge in the bedroom will allow you to feel more confident by knowing what you want and communicating it (or jest doin it).

2. Dim the Lights

bedroom lighting

Studies have shown that both men and women prefer to dim the lights in the bedroom. Having this lighting allows both of you to have a softer shadow and presence. We're not talking cave man darkness here, just softened lighting to make you feel your best. 

3. Touch Each Other

Anyone remember foreplay? How about PG-13 foreplay? Touching each other gives you both a feeling of unity. Try a head, back, or full-body massage to get into the mood and feel relaxed.

4. Put Your Phone Away

Technology is neat, but it's also distracting as hell. And if a reported 62% of us are using our phones during sex, we need to take a damn time out. Keep your bedroom as a place for sleep and pleasure, not backlit screens. 

5. Think About It

Let's be honest, your partner is not thinking about any "flaws" you think you have. NO! That is literally the last thing they are thinking about. They are enamored by your body, so live in the moment and step up your confidence game. 


5. Put On Some Tunes

Maybe a little smoother than the boombox approach, but a little music to get things going is never a bad idea. 

6. Wear What You Want

Wear something that makes you feel confident and it will show. This can be your favorite Fleetwood Mac t-shirt or some great lingerie. Who cares? It's all coming off anyhow....  


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