We recently caught up with the fine folks at Sparklife to discuss the importance of sex education, body positivity and curiosity around sex toys. One point that was explored a bit was the topic of sex toys and whether we become reliant on their participation during sex. In other words, "will I be able to have good sex without sex toys?" It's a valid concern and something we hear a lot from inquiring minds and nervous partners.  Wondering if sex toys will begin to rule the bedroom is totally normal and we came up with this example to help address these concerns.  

Enter: the Ice Cream Sundae Argument.

Think of good sex as two (three) heaping, round scoops of ice cream. Sticky, sweet goodness that satisfies your cravings and provides a cool buzz.

Now think of an ice cream sundae. All the things you love about ice cream with the addition of sweet, salty, creamy and saucy toppings. It's decadent and brings all the awesome sensations of ice cream to the next level.

For those who have had an ice cream sundae, have you ever failed to enjoy a dish of ice cream on its own since? Does the creamy, sweetness of the ice cream fail to please because it's not as decadent as the sundae? Of course not. 

The point is: sex toys add a fun, over the top and intensified compliment to sex. They enhance our experience but they do not make sex without toys unpleasurable. You won't be ruined. You won't be dependent. You won't find good ol' fashioned sex dull unless something is buzzing or someone is tied up. The pleasure is just as sweet. It's a win, win. Now, who's hungry?


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