There comes a moment in a woman's sexual life when she realizes..."i got this." Whether you find yourself feeling all confident with a new lover or holding court over drinks with friends explaining that thing you do (you know, that move you do with your hips when you... ok you get it.)

But that wasn't always the case. There was a time (and maybe you're still there- *totally cool*) that you knew so little about sex. The bottom line is, we're all still learning. We're all still figuring it out. And hopefully, we're still finding that we can surprise ourselves and learn something new.

So we asked around: what do you wish you would have learned earlier about sex? We'll be publishing the responses each Friday and gathering more as we go along so please feel free to submit your own!

"I learned that no one in my life (doctors, health teachers, parents etc) was really interested or comfortable in pulling out a diagram and informing me of the female anatomy." Ty, 28

"blow jobs do not require blowing but actually just an orchestration of pressure, saliva and speed. It's actually a bit more of a hand job than I thought it would be." Jem (so not my real name!), 24

"I wish I'd known that love and sex are not the same, and that you don't need to entwine the two all the time." Diane, 38

"Healthy kinks and fetishes are nothing to apologize for or be embarrassed of." Jessica, 25

"Although I "knew" it, I didn't KNOW it was a bad idea to fake orgasms. A year of that gave me a solid shame complex about how my body did and didn't react in certain situations." Elizabeth, 25

"Fight...FIGHT for good birth control. Whether you're a good pill popper, a perfect home for an IUD or simply just someone who is responsible and diligent enough to use condoms. Find what works for you, commit to it and don't let time, money or circumstance alter your commitment to it." Jill, 51

"You are the captain of your own orgasm. It's your job to steer that ship- you may have a good first mate but you gotta bring it to port." Jamie, 39

"Get out of your head. Get out of your head. Get out of your head. You're hot, you're here, enjoy yourself!" Alva, 34


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