Story by Stella Harris

Jeff let him adjust to the sensation for a moment, sliding the vibrator in and out slowly, twisting and rubbing it against his inside walls, but only teasing the spot where he really wanted it. 

The vibrator switched on and Shane moaned around the gag in his mouth; even on the lowest setting the sensations lit up his nerves. His nipples peaked and tightened and he thrust his hips upward, hoping against hope for friction he didn’t find.

Jeff laughed again. He claimed not to have a sadistic side, said he didn’t enjoy dishing out pain, but Shane considered this cruelty all the same.

Shane knew Jeff would reward him for it later. He would be held and gentled, stroked and comforted as his body shook and he recovered from the adrenaline pulsing through his veins. But the safety of that relief was a long way off yet. Jeffrey was just hitting his stride and this night was far from over. 

Jeff angled the vibrator so that it pressed against Shane’s prostate and Shane wailed, the sound muffled by the gag. “So pretty like this,” Jeff said, the fingers of his free hand ghosting along the length of Shane’s engorged cock.

Shane whimpered at the not-enough touch, his hips stuttering forward seeking more contact, but this only encouraged Jeff. His fingers trailed up and down, tracing the raised veins, the ridge of his head, his sensitive glans. Shane felt everything so acutely he thought he could even feel Jeff’s individual fingerprints, and the occasional scrape of a callus made him flinch.

Jeff’s grip tightened, and without being told Shane knew it was too good to be true. Jeff counted; ten strokes and then his hand would disappear. Shane’s hips thrust upward repeatedly, making his cock bob in the air, untouched. Then Jeffrey’s hand returned, his low gravely voice counting out the strokes once more, the sound of his voice as much a torment as his touch.

This teasing would be bad enough on its own, but this particular torment had started days ago when Jeffrey had asked just how far he’d be willing to go. Shane had been so eager to please Jeffrey that he had readily agreed to all that was asked of him, without really thinking it through.

But then Jeffrey had expected him to pay up, to go through with everything he’d agreed to, and that had brought Shane here, tied securely to his bed, enduring hours of torment, all after going a week without coming.

Shane choked back the sounds fighting to escape from his throat. He wanted to beg, but the gag would allow no words, and he knew from experience that begging only incited Jeff to further cruelty. Shane could tap out—give the nonverbal safeword they’d agreed on—but Shane wanted to prove that he could do this, that he could be everything Jeff wanted him to be.

Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. Originally published by Cleis Press in The Big Book of Orgasms. Republished with permission (and gratitude!) 


Stella Harris writes erotic fiction as well as lifestyle and educational pieces on sex and kink. Through her writing and teaching she explores the complex world of love and lust and helps people explore their desires safely and free of shame. Stella teaches public classes and offers private instruction on a wide range of topics. For more hot smut from Stella Harris, check out her site here and on twitter.  


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