One of the first questions I get when discussing Unbound is: "how on earth do you pick the product?"  And then something to the effect of: "have you tried every vibrator on earth?"

The second answer is, not yet, but I'm game to try. The answer to the first question is a bit more complicated. It's a question that I answer differently every time. But I thought I'd attempt to give you a little insight into how we do it.

The process isn't that different from what an editor at a fashion magazine might do when they want to publish a story on, say, lipstick shades for fall or the color block trend that will never. ever. go away. You get to know the market- who are the industry heavyweights, who are the up and comers, you see what influencers are talking about and then you begin to build a story around it. We do the same! We scour the vast erotic toy market, try quite a bit of it (it's more work than it seems! ;) and then start to work them in together to create a curated and thematic experience. Every quarter we explore a different idea or concept but the items don't necessarily have to be enjoyed all at once to get the full experience.

Another way we determine what goes in the box is by listening to our amazing subscribers. We *love* to hear what you're dying to try which is why we take subscriber suggestions and requests to heart. From the start, Unbound is meant to be about exploring the best and most exciting erotic goodies for everyone-- it's not a "what's Sarah Jayne's favorite?" This is mainly because I'm not willing to share Idris Elba with everyone and ice cream is tricky to ship anyways. 


So what makes us fall in love with an item enough to share with you? Well, it obviously needs to be great. We know that there's no one vibrator to rule them all. Our preferences and pleasures are so diverse however, we are true believers in the spirit of adventure. Sure not every item will deliver rapid fire orgasms but try it! Try it all! You may like some things, you may love some things. As long as you feel comfortable, there are so many reasons to try something new in the bedroom. We also pay major notice to items with safer materials and ingredients. What we put in our bodies isn't a conversation that should center around food and diet alone. And while it's not everything to us, we're absolute suckers for lovely packaging. Let's be real, some of the imagery used on sex toy packaging doesn't look like they're selling pleasure. Of course, a great product is a great product no matter what the packaging is but we love when companies take the time to do something unexpected and well designed. And to be completely honest, we love the idea of including erotic goodies from companies that are headed by or founded by women. We're unabashedly fans of women run businesses (we are one!) and we believe that having more female led companies in the erotic/sex/pleasure/hot stuff industry can only be a good thing. It's simple: when it comes to sexuality and pleasure, so much of what's out there is for men, by men or "for women" but presented for the male gaze. Getting female driven goodies into your hot little hands is important to us and we try to do this as often as possible.

To our lovely Unbounders who already join us every quarter, if there's ever anything you simply must try, let us know! We love hearing feedback and we listen to everything you have to say. And for those who are considering an Unbound subscription, know that we aim to send out the very best and buzziest goods out there. 


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