Jackie woke up with the sun shining through her linen curtains and splayed across her duvet. Fair weather? It was about time after a frigid winter that made her want to curl up with flannel sheets over her head and hibernate until…until days like today. She was relieved she didn’t want to stay in bed but actually get up and out on her Saturday. Into her kitchen, she brewed a cup of coffee and gazed out the window to her backyard- a small patch of grass was seeing warm sun for the first time in months. I need to be out there feeling that, she thought.

Jackie opened her drawer to shorts and tanks that hadn’t seen the light in months either. A cute pair of denim daisy dukes and a classic white tank- it was simple but she still felt sexy to be in such little clothing after being hidden under chunky sweaters and puffy coats for so long.

Her lounge chair was folded against the garage wall behind a snow shovel and a nearly empty bag of salt. She uncovered it and headed out the back door with her iPhone radio already playing.


Benjamin had just walked into his backyard also, which was adjacent to Jackie’s, and heard a low hum of vocals coming from next door. He walked across the landscaped divide and found Jackie lying on her stomach, tight shorts across her ass and smooth skin in the sun. He was used to only seeing her in chunky sweaters and leggings and by the time he got her naked, it was in a dark bedroom. Seeing Jackie in so little and so light instantly turned him on. “Hello there.” Her body jerked immediately, startled by his voice, but melted as soon as she saw it was Ben.

“Holy shit, you scared me!”

“Sorry, don’t move for me. I just heard your music and figured I’d say hi.”

“Well it’s good to see you.” She smirked, “Why don’t you join me?”

She eased back down with her left cheek on top of her folded hands. She could still see him a bit if she looked out of the corner of her right eye. He walked closer, sat on the edge of her chaise and started running his finger tips from the seam of her bottoms down to her ankle and back up the side of her calf and thigh.

“Mmm, that feels good, keep going.” Jackie was enjoying her surprise visitor. She thought her day outside was going to feel good but not this good or in this way. He moved to straddle her legs and slide his hands between her thighs.

“This feel good too?” Ben asked. How could it not? The friction of her denim shorts against her- she could feel her pussy getting wet the closer he slid his fingers to her clit. But then he stopped. With her head down, she heard a zip and a tug and felt him shimmy her shorts down and off her legs. The anticipation made Jackie’s hips buck up and press against his balls.

“Mmm,” he moaned.

“Keep going,” she pleaded for more. And he acted on it, easing himself on top of her and sliding his cock into her pussy.

“You’re nice and wet for me baby.”

“Your hands did that.” Jackie was paralyzed by how hard and big he felt squeezed into her pussy. He slowly and rhythmically fucked her as he held her legs tight with his.

“Oh, Ben!” Jackie almost couldn’t take the sensation of his cock inside her and her clit pressed against the chaise at the same time. Her hands gripped the edge above her head as he thrust. With each, her clit rubbed again and again.

“Fuck, Ben. I’m going to cum!”

His thrusts quickened, his hard cock tight in her pussy and his hands gripping on her ass. She couldn’t hold on anymore. Her clit had one final, intense throb that sent a rush through her body, starting in her pussy and running through her arms and legs.

Ben stopped inside her, bearing deep and holding her down until she released. Then, he slowly pulled out and slid his cock along her ass. Jackie felt his hands holding her around his hardness. His heavy exhales quickened until she felt hot cum squirt onto the small of her back.

“Fuck baby, you look so hot lying in the sun.”

Ava Ryan writes and sleeps in New York City. She eats dumplings, sips Veuve, wears heels and is a self-proclaimed "lady in the street but a freak in the bed.


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