Nicolette sat in her office chair, bored as she stared at her bare inbox. No emails in the last hour. What a waste of an afternoon. She should be doing something--no, someone better. And Nicolette knew exactly who she wanted him to be.

She typed a quick text to Jay, who worked at an agency only a few streets away and was always a fun time, "Did you take lunch yet?"

"Hey..yeah why?"

That's okay, she thought, she didn't need that much time anyway. "Can you take a coffee break?"

"Not sure, what's up?" Sometimes Jay just didn't get it, but once she laid it out bluntly, he almost always took the bait.

"I want to make you cum. Right now." She felt a hint of a throb between her legs just thinking about tasting him.

"Woah, okay. But where?"

Nicolette's creativity extended beyond the conventional bedroom, and being one to always scout new places, she decided the stairwell of her office building was next on the list.

"Meet me here in 15."


"So how are you?" Nicolette fained interest in more than just his cock as the elevator rose from the lobby to the top floor of the 12-story building. He was a tad rigid and quiet but fucking sexy as always: tall and slender in denim and a graphic tee masking his lean, hard body.

When the elevator doors opened, she led him to the stairwell. Their lips found each other as soon as the door slammed. Jay led her down a flight to the first landing between floors, running his hands under her shirt and into jeans, teasing her bra strap and the top of her black lacey thong. Her hands found his belt and started sliding the leather from the metal buckle but when his hands moved to unbutton her jeans, Nicolette stopped him.

"No?" Jay looked confused, a tad sad even, that he couldn't get to her pussy to feel her excitement.

Nicolette slowly shook her head and shimmied down his body until she was eye-level with his hips. "No. I just want to suck your cock until you cum." His sigh of approval and throbbing hardness against her palms made her pussy wet. She slowly revealed his cock and flicked her tongue underneath his tip. Her hands, at first gently, slid along his shaft. Taking his whole tip in her mouth, she quietly moaned and he followed suit in pleasure.

Nicolette built up her pace, sliding her mouth and hands simultaneously up and down his hard cock, gagging herself occasionally. She felt her pussy dripping in her panties as Jay's throbbing built.

"Fuck, this feels so good. I'm gonna cum." He breathlessly whispered, holding onto the railing for support. Then just as he said it, she felt him explode a mouthful of cum. A few more strokes and she slowly pulled him out of her mouth, licking the last drops. As Jay gasped in relief, Nicolette felt both satisfied and turned on, as she always did from making this man cum. She didn't stand right up. Soaking in his taste, she bit the corner of her bottom lip, eyes staring up into his while he eased on his Calvin Kleins and zipped his jeans. A smirk and a nod confirming mutual pleasure brought her to stand.

"I should probably get back to my desk," Nicolette said over her shoulder as she led the way down the stairwell.

Ava Ryan writes and sleeps in New York City. She eats dumplings, sips Veuve, wears heels and is a self-proclaimed "lady in the street but a freak in the bed."


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