The elevator door closed and I glanced at my reflection in the mirror. A redhead in a black cocktail dress with a plunging neckline looked back at me with an appraising eye. “You look great, Lynn.” My partner wrapped his arms around me and I leaned against him as the elevator began its descent. Then there was a sudden lurch and we were almost thrown to the floor.

“Oh no!”

I’m slightly claustrophobic and being trapped in an enclosed space is my worst nightmare. Jake pressed a few buttons but nothing happened. He shrugged.

“Don’t worry – this is a busy hotel. Someone will notice. Hey, we could always take advantage of our predicament…” Jake’s hands moved from my waist to my breasts and I swatted him.

“Stop it! There might be a camera in here somewhere.” My partner laughed.

“So? Let’s give the front desk something to smile about. It won’t be the first time, I’m sure. You look incredible in that dress.”

I leaned against the wall of the elevator and gasped as his clever fingers traced the outline of my cleavage. My nipples grew hard within the lacy confines of my bra and I thought “what the heck!” Suddenly eager with a combination of arousal and the need for speed, I guided Jake’s hands. The mirror reflected a slightly pink faced redhead whose pillowy white breasts were now on full display, camera or no.

“That feels amazing,” I sighed, squirming my hips against the firm swelling in my partner’s pants. My thin silk panties were moist as my pussy reacted to the erotic caresses and thrill of being so naughty in a public place. Jake’s cock pressed insistently against my bottom and I wriggled my hips up and down, massaging his crotch to a rigid erection. He responded by flipping up my dress and stroking the silky flesh at the top of my stocking-clad thighs with his fingertips. The redhead’s reflection was abandoned to lust, her head tilted back, boobs still oozing like luscious cream from an éclair and her partner’s wicked fingers making their way towards her silk-clad pussy as she spread her legs and braced herself against the elevator wall. “Fuck me, Jake – I need you inside me - now!”

Jake unzipped his pants and, pulling my soaking panties aside, pushed his long hard cock deep inside me. I leaned forwards, balancing on my high-heeled pumps, thrilling to the feel of him sliding in and out of me. His fingers played with my nipples as I pushed my hips against his crotch in a circling motion, squeezing my slick pussy around him and squealing in time with his thrusts. “We’re moving!”

The elevator lurched again and Jake grasped my hips and thrust hard – one, two, three times. I felt him come and cried out in pleasure. Swiftly he withdrew and we furtively tidied ourselves as the elevator descended to the hotel lobby. The doors opened and we stepped out – to rousing applause from the front desk.


Jay Lawrence is an expatriate Scot who currently hangs out near Vancouver, Canada. She is the author of over twenty erotic novels and many short stories which have appeared in publications on both sides of the Atlantic.


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