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Whatever your tastes, interests, aversions, perversions or kinks are-- there's an adult film for that.  Chances are, if you do a little digging, you're likely to find something that piques your fancy enough.

But what if you were able to watch something that didn't just check the box of your interests but rather, deeply immersed you in your own vivid, full on fantasy? All you need to do is come clean to the high priestess of erotic filmmaking herself, Erika Lust and you'll be one step closer to it.  If you don't already worship Erika Lust's gorgeous and artful work, then prepare to convert, friends.  Erika's films completely elevate and challenge the perception of the adult film landscape by delivering quality and authenticity in a genre that historically lacks it.  Erika's new project, titled Xconfessions, allows users to submit their confessions and once a month, Erika will select one confession and make it into a short film.  We chatted with Erika about this awesome new project:

Tell us about the inspiration behind Xconfessions.com!

To be honest, a year ago, when I first sat down to concentrate on a new production, I was having trouble focusing on one idea to craft into a film. It wasn’t writer’s block so much as writer’s indecision. In the year+ since releasing Cabaret Desire, I’d gotten so much feedback from people; ranging from how to star in or direct an adult film, what I thought about their erotic story or script, advice on other erotic films or products, and just fanmail. People were so eager to be involved in something that felt personal to them, which is not surprising given the nature of the work and the difference of my product. I’d been wanting to make a series for a long time, so it was a perfect opportunity really. Why not hand writing over to the public? Move over, Offbeatr! There are so many great ideas out there, and it’s obvious thanks to my vocal audience that it truly is hard to find "Good Porn" out there these days!

What will make a confession stick out to you to select for filming?

In most cases, I’m looking for something really unique. This is the great thing about fantasies and sexual experiences – there are so many and they can be as weird and wonderful and the people who have them. Like with "I Fucking Love Ikea"… a great example of how the truth can be stranger than fiction! Obviously, as a filmmaker, there are going to be certain aesthetic possibilities in a story that pique my interest as well. An example of this was Hold Me So Tight It Hurts: while bondage is a common theme, I liked the description of the rope being like an embrace, and I’d been dying to do something with Shibari.

From your perspective how do the preferences differ in Europe vs. the  States? Is there more interest for certain scenarios/stories that you have  noticed?  

Sometimes it feels like the interest level for my work is higher in the USA, maybe because my merger of cinema and sex is rare. Sure there is a ton of porn there, but in terms of sex scenes in mainstream-type films, it’s all been censored out. Good cinema and arousing sex is mutually exclusive there, whereas there is a lot more liberalism and erotic film here so it’s maybe not so novel.

Do you feel that erotic filmmakers often miss the opportunity to portray realistic or at least authentic fantasies in their work? 

Absolutely. It’s like the mainstream industry just recycles the same old tired scenarios and stereotypes for so long, it forgets that whoever first pitched the “Pizza guy delivering a 12 inch salami” is probably long dead. Hello, times have changed and there are so many more modern, relevant fantasies out there. Then again, the internet is primarily inhabited by amateur, gonzo, and webcams now, so fantasy in these films has become formulaic: hung meathead stud, hairless silicone bimbo, blowjob, cunnilingus (if you’re lucky!), penetration, anal, facial. Wake up people, that’s not fantasy, that’s mechanics! Sex and pleasure require imagination, and those are the films that kill it. This is one of the reasons I love this project so much – because I get the opportunity to film so many different ideas that would never fit within the scope of a feature film, and I get to make someone’s fantasy come true too!


As a woman who is also the writer/director/producer how do you aim to work within the established (and often scrutinized) adult film industry?  Change it? Ignore it and do your own thing? Has there been resistance to  your work?  

I’ve decided to ignore it and do my own thing, because at the end of the day, being a part of the mainstream adult industry is more limiting than it is supportive. As a woman director, neither my vision as a filmmaker nor my intended audience were taken seriously... By other directors, producers, companies, even some performers. Yes, I still make explicit films for adults, but I feel that distancing myself from most porn has given me valuable perspective – making me more interested in what mainstream filmmakers are doing with commercials, music videos, and feature films. Not only is this making me a better writer and director, but it’s pushing other pornographers to create a better product when they see how successful my approach has been. And that is a great thing in an industry that has been boring and stagnant for so long.

What is a really memorable moment from shooting?...could be anything-  totally hot or ridiculous or validating.

There are so many moments from each film I’ve made. But recently, I just finished an xconfession about a group sex fantasy, and it was crazy! Having that many local performers in one place was something between a naked business retreat, one of the Real-World houses, and a dinner party with all your friends from college. I can’t really explain the amount of energy on the set all day … and it was set in a gym to boot!

So do it to it, Unbounders! We know you all have brilliant, beautiful minds filled with some good filth! Wanna see an Unbound Box in there?  We confess, we totally do too!  Head to Xconfessions and get talking!  


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