For anyone who has needed to buy furniture in the last few years, you've faced a weird conundrum: there's IKEA and theres the stuff you can't afford.  Ikea is ok but you know you're not looking at family heirlooms here.  And then there's the stuff you wish you could buy, but in all reality, there's a chance that Ankasa sleigh bed ends up in your "Dream Home" Pinterest board and not in your six floor walk up studio.  Where is the middle here?  A nod to quality and yet a foot on the ground when it comes to pricing?  Well, this void doesn't simply exist solely in the world of bedroom sets, its also existed in the bedroom fun market as well.  And then Picobong hit the scene and that impossible combination of good looks and a price that doesn't turn you off suddenly existed.  

It's no secret that Picobong comes from a strong pedigree-- it falls under the Lelo umbrella of brands after all.  And while Picobong has the fresh voice of a new brand that "gets it" it still reminds us of the pleasure product powerhouse that it hails from. 

So when we received the Picobong Mahana Duo Vibe in the mail, we couldn't wait to give it a try.  In their own words, the Mahana is "equipped with two bullets joined by a flexible stem—one for clitoral exploration and one for internal focus."  Sounds lovely enough, now let's talk shop:

The high notes:

-Each end of the vibrator has its own independent 12-speed vibrating feature. So if you like one side to be more intense than the other, this vibrator can accommodate that desire. Or, if you only want one prong on and the other one off, that will work as well. For some women that prefer external vibration and a non vibrating feel of "fullness" internally- this is a great vibe for you. There are an infinite number of speed combinations you can use, depending on your particular mood.  

-For those with any skin sensitivities,  the material of the Mahana features very smooth, body safe silicone and ABS plastic.  

-It's remarkably quiet.  Ya, ya, every vibrator says its quiet.  But this one is pretty damned stealthy.  The Mahana boasts a near silent motor, but makes no promises that you'll be able to keep it down.  

-And it passed the Unbound User Test!  We love a vibrator thats versatile and universal.  There are a ton of different ways the Mahana Duo Vibe could be used with a male partner or a female partner or no partner.  And on that note, we also found that it was incredibly easy to clean after the fun.  It's unique shape may take a moment to get used to but once you get the hang, you'll be coming up with more ways to try it out.  (We're suckers for 

The facts: 

-The Mahana Duo Vibe retails for $69.95.

-It is available in pink (pictured above), black and blue.  

-Fully waterproof to a depth of 1 meter

-Requires 2 AAA batteries to play for up to 2 hours...


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