By Kristiene Gray

The lights pulsed across her bare skin, creating patterns and shadows on the pale flesh. She'd been there for minutes, for hours, for years, suspended, hanging, waiting It was only the change in what her body felt that marked the passage of time for her.

Her shoulders had hurt at first from the weight of her body, but the sharp pain had been replaced by a throbbing ache that went far deeper than bone or muscle. The burn from the ropes around her wrists now only presented itself when she moved, her skin nearly raw. Her feet had long since cramped as her toes had sought to take the pressure off her shoulders.

She heard the door open behind her and the lights regulated. For a brief moment, before the door shut, she heard the dull rumble of music from the dance floor. Then it was only the sound of his footsteps.

“So beautiful,” he whispered. His hands ran over her skin, down her back, cupped her bare ass. He slid one finger between her cheeks and she bit back a whimper. He hadn't given her permission to make a sound. When he pushed the tip of his finger into her ass dry, she bit down harder. It didn't stay there long, traveling down her slit to dip into her pussy.

She yelped in surprise as he slid something inside her. A sharp slap to her ass made her gasp, earning a second slap.

“I didn't say you could make a noise,” his voice was low in her ear as he pressed his clothed body against her bare one. “You just earned yourself ten minutes instead of five. And don't you dare cum until I give you permission.”

Then he stepped away, the breeze created by his sudden movement caressing her overheated skin. Her entire body twitched as the dildo he'd inserted began to vibrate, sending ripples of pleasure through her body, joining with the new jolts of pain from her tortured joints and muscles from her involuntary movements.

“When I return, we'll see if we can't improve upon last week's performance and get to ten stripes with the cane instead of just five,” his voice was full of promise. “But if I find that you've had an orgasm, we'll start with ten lashes to each breast.”

She almost whimpered but caught herself just in time. Her muscles were already trembling when she heard the door close and she was alone. The lights began to pulse again. Ten minutes, she told herself. Ten minutes and he would return. But as the seconds began to tick past, she started to wonder if she could last that long.

Surely it had been ten minutes already. Tears began to stream down her cheeks. Her body was quaking, desperate for release, and only the thought of what he would do if she came kept her from giving in. Seconds stretched into an eternity as she fought her body's natural urge to climax. She tried at first to count the seconds, but quickly lost count every time a new shiver of pleasure coursed through her veins. Then she tried to think about him and what was to come but that just made it worse, made her desire burn even brighter.

When, finally, she heard the door open again, the relief that flooded through her was almost her undoing. It was finally time.

Kristiene Gray was born in Cheltenham on New Years Day. She attended high class schools and a finishing college, where she drifted deep into the BDSM scene as a means to escape her upbringing. Find out more about Kristiene and her delicious work here.


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