The snow is light and enchanting as it falls, ever mesmerizing as I stare out of the window and into the forest that surrounds me. It blankets me, a vast expanse of glistening white in every direction. It keeps me safe. Safe and enclosed with no escape.

I curl up, chin resting on my knees as I continue to gaze beyond the confines of my prison, and with it I escape, allowing my mind to drift to places afar. I might be here, but my mind is elsewhere. My heart is full of wanderlust. And elsewhere is fun. In elsewhere I am someone else. In elsewhere I am someone. In elsewhere I am his.

I smile wistfully as the heat of the sun warms my naked flesh. But despite the heat I shiver as fingernails rake across my back, drawing lazy circles upon my skin. The cool grass tickles as I roll over, baring my front to the searing elements of the tropical July heat.

Yet the nails don't stop. They continue their torturous journey across my flesh. My torso tightens and trembles as the touch becomes lighter, the barely there contact causing me to mew like a kitten craving more furtive attention.

My eyes flutter closed, even the darkness remaining bright from the sun behind my lids. A callused thumb brushes the underside of my breast, the mound swelling, nipple growing taut and tight. My back arches and I stretch languidly, my legs falling open in willing invitation to the fingers that now seek entrance. With a tenderness I don't expect nor want, two fingers push slowly into me, coating themselves in my arousal and begin their measured thrust.

I'm high. High on the touch of him. High on the scent of him. High on the taste of him as he shadows me from the sun and brushes his lips against mine. Another mewl escapes my throat as he gently nips at my bottom lip before slipping his tongue into my mouth. I relax and arch further into him, fingers biting into his shoulder blades as I hold him to me.

He is demanding, the thrusting of his tongue matching that of his fingers as they swirl inside my cunt. He withdraws and slides across my dewy folds with ease. Fingertips slip deftly over my silken flesh, seeking out the knot of nerves at the cleft of my pussy before pinching it; a harsh contrast to the tenderness of earlier. My cry of surprise is muffled by his kiss and despite his sudden dominance I tighten my hold on him, craving more of his power.

I pull my knees closer to my body and reach for the blanket, wrapping it tightly around myself as I continue to watch the snow fall outside my window. Yes, I might be here, but my mind is elsewhere. My heart is full of wanderlust.


The glass is cool as it glides over my skin, providing a welcomed release against the heat of the cabin. It's winter outside. It's always winter here. Outside and in my heart. It's cold outside, but the tropical heat that seeps through my skin is as though I'm on the most exotic of beaches.

Darkness shrouds me, but the light in my soul is bright. I am alone, but I am free. Free from hurt, free from pain. And alone isn't so bad. I giggle softly and draw the cold glass through myself for the umpteenth time. It always amazes me that no matter how many times I draw it across my heated flesh, it remains cold. An unforgiving implement of such delicious torture.

I stroke the swell of my petite breasts as I continue to tease myself, circling my clit with the icy head of the cock before sliding it into my depths again.

Another giggle.

He's here, in my mind's eye, smiling down at me as he watches my solo assault, his gaze focused on my wet pussy. "I can see you, baby. So perfect." I smile, opening my eyes to gaze back at him, though he isn't really there. As I knew he wouldn't be. It takes a long time to overcome the loss of someone special. I push that loss to the back of my mind and focus on the memories instead. Memories of his body, hard planes of muscle towering over me, pushing me against the wall, pressing down on me. Memories of yielding against him, my porcelain flesh stark against his dark complexion as we become one, limbs entwining, lips kissing, hips bucking. 

"Look at me."

I turn my head, but don't open my eyes to the emptiness. I laugh softly and feel the thick glass of the dildo breach my lips and sneak inside my pussy. I am tight. I'm always tight now that he's gone.

"I haven't gone anywhere."

I hear him again. He's everywhere, surrounding me, consuming me, and yet he's nowhere at all and I am alone, aching for him. The ache in my heart matching that in my cunt. My inner muscles contract as the cock slides in deeper, gripping the toy with a renewed sense of urgency. It's him. A tear falls silently from beneath my closed lid and trickles lightly along my cheek, the air catching in my throat as I feel his warm breath on the moistened skin, before he kisses it away.

"No time for tears, beautiful, now it your time to shine."

I open my eyes at last and see his translucent form above me, the glass on the carpet to my side, and his dark cock in its place. He thrusts into me slowly. . .slowly. . .slowly, making this moment last.

"Now is your time to fly, sweetling."

And with that I feel a rush of heat rippling through my cunt pushing me to my own orgasm. Then he's gone. And I am alone. Placing a hand to my abdomen, I know with certainty the magic of what has just taken place. Now is my time to fly.


My pulse races as I walk through the dark corridors of the club.

"You'll be fine, you need this," she says, glancing back at me over her shoulder before leading me through the door at the end of the corridor. I glance around like a fearful kitten. I don't belong here. I don't belong in a place like this.

I jump as her breath hits my neck. "How long has it been now? Since he passed?" She whispers from behind. Her hands rest gently on my hips and with her lips a hairsbreadth away from my ear I begin to relax, leaning into her embrace.

"Four years."

I jump for a second time as she grazes the skin just beneath the hem of my top, gentle strokes of a fingertip.

"Look around. Really look. Take it all in, the passion, the desire. See it. Smell it." She nips my earlobe lightly. "Taste it."

Together we rest against a nearby wall and take in the scene. The scene that is so new to me and a far cry from anything I have ever experienced with him or since his death. But here nestled in her protective embrace, I feel ready to open that door again and explore more hedonistic pursuits. Her hands are soft as she flattens her palms on the taut expanse of my stomach. My muscles tremble, tightening as a sudden wave of longing invades me. I still and focus on the sights and sounds around us. Naked bodies everywhere. Mostly couples, a few triple-trysts.. My gaze settles on one coupling; two women. Two sets of bare feet, the dazzling colours of their pedicures hypnotising me as I stare at their tangled limbs.

"They aren't fucking." I say, astonished.

"No, they're not. Watch."

I watch, transfixed by the sight of them. Both are naked, a smattering of jewelry their only adornment. Sitting on a plush, velvet covered chaise lounge, they smile at each other, stroking flesh, kissing skin and exploring folds in silence. They are captivating, the way they nip at each other's lips and the tenderness with which they draw pleasure from each other causing my own body to respond in a way I never imagined.

"I. . .I'm warm," I murmur.

"I hoped you would be. More than anything I hoped you would be."

She slides a hand into my panties, fingertips brushing the wisps of hair that encase my cunt. I moan as she seeks out my clit, throbbing with need.

"Relax. Watch. Feel."

I watch as they kiss and lick, stroke and caress as though they are the only two people here. I cry out as she pushes two fingers inside me, curling them forth to rub deliciously on the sweet spot just inside the wall of my cunt. My chest tightens as I feel the climax begin to build, nipples growing fat, clit swollen and hard.

"Please," I beg, my eyes never leaving the two women who are making love in a room full of people fucking. "Please."

"Let go, beautiful."

And with that my walls crumble and the damn bursts, coating her hand in my come as I melt against her, sated and exhausted.

Released at last.

By the lovely @liviawrites. Check out more of her writing and musings over at her blog, Tongue Tied .  


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