Think of condoms like doing shots. When you’re tossing them back, you know it might not feel as good as sipping a craft cocktail, but you’re still getting buzzed. And when you’re doing shots, there’s well whiskey, and then there’s 18-year single malt. Well whiskey burns and it gives shots a bad name. But doing a shot of the single malt melts down your throat in a way that makes you forget you picked a less-than-ideal delivery system. In this analogy, well whiskey is those free condoms at bars. They’ll do what they’re meant to do--but we’re here to bring you a flight of the 18-year single malt whiskey of condoms.

The condom market is vast but dominated by those few brands whose names are already synonymous with the product--and to be clear, we’d never just give you a condom you can find at a convenience store. Like with most brands we feature, we love to find that one company that’s doing something exciting and different. When we found out about This is L. and their one-for-one model we wanted to tell the world about them. (You can read more about what sets This is L. apart from the crowd here) When a company takes the time to make a better product, we think that’s something worth both telling and showing.

We like to include things in the box that you’d keep in your bag for optimal convenience, and condoms are the most important of those things. We want you to let go of any part of you that feels like it’s somehow weird or not okay for women to show up to a date with condoms. Having one on you at all times can save you the poorly timed trip around the corner for emergency condoms with your shirt misbuttoned and his fly down. There is no more thrilling sense of relief than the one you encounter upon discovering a condom in your purse during an unexpected moment of need!

At the risk of going all public health on you, condoms are the only method of birth control that protects against both pregnancy and STDs. And when used correctly, it does those things really, really well. They’re incredibly versatile no matter who (or what) you’re having sex with--sharing toys isn’t a great idea, but slip a condom over a vibrator and you’re set.

Finding a condom that both you and your partner like can be a process, but trying a new one is a pretty low-stakes endeavor, especially when we’ve done all the research for you. Not crazy about a particular condom? Good news--you never have to use it again. (Not that you would recycle, even if you loved it...!) It’s part of our mission to help you find brands and products that you love so much you’ll seek out more on your own, and that goes from getting you off to helping you stay safe. Not a condom user? Pass it on to a friend in need. If you do use condoms, there is no such thing as having too many.


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