After we took the Minna Ola for a spin, we were dying to know more about the San Fran based company responsible for such a smart vibrator.  Brian Krieger, cofounder of Minna was kind enough to answer a few of our questions about their second product- Limon.  You'll definitely want to check out their Indiegogo campaign before it ends this Saturday.  

This is your 2nd product, what inspired the idea and design?
There were a few key criteria for us in developing Limon. First, we wanted to create something that would be more intuitive and fun for couples. Being able to spontaneously control the intensity of your experience opens a whole new richness of experience and lets couples interact with each other in ways that were previously not possible. Second, we wanted a form that was both approachable and functional - something that people would feel comfortable leaving out in their home but still delivers an amazing experience.

How is this vibrator like no other? What features really make it stand out?
First is the squeezable control - the harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibrations. This makes it really intuitive and natural to control the intensity of the vibrations and your experience. Second is its personalizable memory - Limon can record and replay any pattern of vibrations that you can compose, giving everyone the ability to have a completely unique experience for their body and preferences. Finally, our new Rumble Motor Technology makes it incredible strong for its size.

What is in store for Minna once the Limon is released and adored by customers everywhere?
We are already hard at work on new products and can't wait to share them with the world - keep an eye out!

Favorite vacation spot this summer?
San Francisco is so nice it's easy to stay home and keep working on new ideas but I have a friend's wedding in France coming up that will be a great little break... perhaps I'll even find some inspiration in the city of love!

Thanks to Brian and best of luck to the Minna crew!  



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