We've heard tons of good buzz about the Minna Limon over on Indiegogo and we're beyond excited to see this citrus inspired pleasure powerhouse on our nightstands someday. But how could we possibly enjoy Minna's sequel vibe without appreciating the classic?  

To start, the Ola comes beautifully packaged.  While we're not total suckers for package design, we do notice a pattern in this market: good looking package often represents a thoughtful product inside.  Aesthetically, the Minna Ola sits pretty next to other higher end vibrators. It has a cushy pad on one end called the "soft spot"; the other end is smooth and rounded.  It's available in pink and violet and is made of an incredibly smooth body safe silicone.  Immediately, we noted that the clever curvature of the vibe would be easy for a good round of self love as well as using it with a partner.  

The best part is, it's a total beauty and brains product.  The Ola really shines in the later category.  First, when you turn it on, the Ola gives out one, two or three vibrating pulses to let you know your battery situation. (one vibe- low, two vibes- medium, three vibes- fully charged) We turned it on, got the three vibe go ahead and then made our way right to the soft spot.  As you apply pressure to the soft spot, Ola delivers a responsive vibration meaning light pressure equates to a steady, pleasant vibration and full pressure delivers an "OMG, let's DO this!" vibration and every variation exists in between.  It's a nice feeling to be able to "drive" it yourself a bit.  Minna calls this the "freeplay" feature. The design of the incredibly intuitive "soft spot" means that you guide every pulse and vibe and crescendo. You want more? It's at your fingertips in a way that seems much more natural and responsive than most vibrators that offer various vibration pattern settings. This can also be a total blast for use with a partner as well. The freeplay feature allows you or your partner to deliver the vibration as they see fit (completely hot for those of us who like to play with control a bit in the bedroom). This experience really encourages you both to engage with each other and the vibrator by reading queues and anticipating what they'll want next.  It creates an incredibly attuned experience all around.  

If you're a gal who likes a solid variety of vibration pattern settings- the Ola is never going to let you (or your creativity) down.  By pressing a button along the top, you can explore the "loop" feature.  While in this mode, using the soft spot, you create a pattern and the Ola replays your vibration creations. Compose a pattern you like while considering the pressure and length of every vibration and Ola will replay the pattern for you until you end the loop. It's incredibly easy to do (we tried it for the first time in the dark) and so smart.  We created a pattern of length/speed vibrations that mimic'ed "We Will Rock You" by Queen (think: quick, quick, lonnnnnng/light, light, harrrrrrrd.) And well...it rocked us.   

Bottom line is, this is a wonderful vibrator- smart, responsive and it sort of just gets it. Great for a solo performance or a duet..or ensemble...we didn't go there but report back with juicy details if you do.  

The Minna Ola retails for $165.  Minna is a lovely San Fran based company that is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to get their highly anticipated Minna Limon to the people.  Jump on their crowd funding bandwagon now and you can take some pride in knowing you contributed to people everywhere getting off.  



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