The pounding of my heart and the noise of my blood pulsing through my veins floods my senses. Your eyes are on me, warmth rising inside me. I lay still, exposed for you, my skirt hiked up where you arranged it. Every part of me is ignited by your stare; all the hairs on my body are exquisitely sensitive. I swear I can feel you breathing from across the room.

I know what you want. You want to spend time observing me, getting aroused so that you can be at your hardest when you fuck me. You want to fuck me until we are both spent and half crazed by the exertion of our desire for each other, you want to leave me bruised and raw, worn out but yearning for more, I can never have enough of you, I’m never totally satiated, you make me come so hard. But one thought or taste of you makes me want it all over again. Life is a blur between fucks, that’s what I live for. I can’t stop wanting you.

I’m inside my mind, imagining what you’ll do to me when viewing me is no longer enough or too much for you. The slow throb inside me becomes stronger, a kind of tightening right to my very core, my brain and my cunt joined with one aim, to feel pleasure and to return it. I know you like watching me writhe as I become turned on, you like when I try to hold off pleasuring myself. It’s a long slow tease for both of us. 

With a single digit I stroke myself, so wet, so sensitive. I shudder as the pleasure builds in me and I hear your intake of breath. I slide fingers inside me, it makes me whimper with the knowledge that it will soon be you penetrating me, I wonder how long we can go on like this, the anticipation is too much.

I open my thighs so you can witness how turned on you’re making me, I know how hard you are now. I tease you sliding my fingers deep inside crying out with pleasure, my whole body is throbbing and my cunt is pulsing with every thrust, I don’t want to come yet and I still myself until I’ve gained command again, pulling myself back from the precipice, so close, so easy to tip over and relinquish control.

You reach for me and pull me to the edge of the bed, biting my thighs, your face buried into me, your tongue exploring me, tasting me, smelling me. Like an animal you consume me, no part of me is a secret, even my mind, you’re even inside there. You grasp my thighs and push them over your shoulders. 

I give, I can’t fight or hold off any more, you fuck me so hard and I yield absorbing your love, your hunger, your desire, you maul me with your mouth, kissing and biting as you merge with me, your mouth and eyes on mine. I feel you pause, breath forced into my lungs as you push right into the very depths of me and we both tip over the edge crying out as pleasure floods through our bodies.

by Beautiful Filth


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