To my knowledge, no one outside my chosen partners has seen me have sex. Now, I am not that diligent about window dressings so maybe that ship has sailed, but this I believe to be true. If I were toying around with the idea of allowing a third party (and her kick ass community of #realworldsex enthusiasts) to view that hotness and all the moves/shakes/triumphs/fails that go with it, without a single reservation it would be's very own Madam Curator, Sarah Beall.

If you haven't heard of the deliciously disruptive plan for #realworldsex then it's high time you meet! (Are you back now? Nice, that was three hours. I'm not even mad.) For those of you creeping at work, I'll explain: it's a gorgeously designed site that allows its beloved members to share and watch videos of the sexiest sex you can imagine. Why so sexy, you say? Here's why: all of those pleasure killing moments that occur when watching run-of-the-mill, context-free porn online simply don't exist on the site. No weird music, no cheesing for the camera, no sketchy advertising along the side of the page that makes you worried you're exposing yourself to legal trouble just by having the site open. Just real bodies, real love (and lust) and #realworldsex. The overall experience is like that of attending a super fun cocktail party—everyone is mighty friendly, the setting is gorgeous, and the hostess, Sarah, is divine.

We were lucky enough to chat with Sarah about her duties at It's not every day you get to speak with someone with this job title. A little about her background: Sarah's career highlights are a veritable slam dunk for anyone poised to reinvent the way we consume sex online. She's written screenplays for porn movies, edited a sex positive smut zine, Lickety Split, and even performed in a zombie-themed burlesque troupe, The Dead Doll Dancers (complete with blood and guts). (Read: she's definitely way cooler than me and maybe cooler than you.)

We chatted about what she calls the "porn hangover"—that unfortunate feeling of "ugh" that follows a fruitless attempt to enjoy dissatisfying porn—a feeling that probably isn't just exclusive to women. I even admitted to using post-it notes to cover unfavorable advertising and watching on mute at times. (Oh, the things we do in college when we simply don't know any better...)

What really struck a chord during our chat was her complete sense of connection with and appreciation of the kind (and generous) people that submit their videos. It's pretty obvious from the get-go when talking with Sarah that she doesn't view her job at MLNP as a position in which she prescribes for others what she finds hot and dismisses the rest. Like I said, it's as if she's hosting the cocktail party. She seems to know her #makelovenotpornstars well and she speaks so highly of them. She appreciates their contributions to the site and in turn, she makes sure that their #realworldsex video sits pretty next to more #realworldsex videos. (And yeah, we're all in on the hashtags.) In her own words, "it's a matter of shaping context and creating an open and honest conversation around sex." She puts in a great deal of care into the complete experience of the viewing community as well as the experience of those who submit their videos.

And it shows--the people on the site look like they're having a blast--some of them even look crazy in love. The women are smiling, laughing and genuinely enjoying themselves and getting off, not just playing a reactionary role under their costars. For some viewers, this might honestly be the first time they witness an authentic female orgasm through media.  It's a nice place to find good quality #realworldsex for yourself, plus or minus a partner. Take a look around, rent a video or two, and feel free to make one yourself. Treat yourself to some of the good stuff. And when your friends are complaining that they can never find realistic good sex online, send 'em Madam Curator's way. She and the rest of the team at MakeLovenotPorn can change that real fast. 


Sarah Jayne  

ps. Check out the conversation over at the MLNP blog and be sure to follow Madam Curator on twitter as well!


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