Since we're talking some serious subject matter here (smoothies), let's lay it all out: You taste and smell like a woman and that is perfect and natural and unapologetically fantastic.  Many products on the market aim to mask this natural chemistry of what you got going on.  This can be harmful as unfavorable odors are one way that your body communicates infection or imbalance. But for some, we're self conscious and that's ok to admit too. There are foods that can help *sweeten* the deal; lightly and naturally affecting the way you smell or taste. This can be a nice little reassurance if this is something that proves to be a barrier for you when enjoying oral sex (both giving and receiving). There are also foods that can make things a bit *affected* too (red meat, garlic, onions, dairy...alcohol) but since it's basically a snapshot of what our chosen last meal on earth would look like, maybe we just focus on the good ones, eh?  While this smoothie isn't going to magically make you taste like a tropical lady colada, it can help to provide a slightly more sweet and balanced scent and taste.

So get out that blender that you bought with the intentions of great health (and margaritas). 

Blend equal parts pineapple, mango, vanilla yogurt, and real cranberry juice and maybe a dash of cinnamon with some ice.

Cheers, to your health and pleasure.


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