Yes, there are cool condoms. No, this is not a joke, or an SNL commercial spoof. Seriously, there are cool condoms right now being made not only to make the experience fantastic, but also, to help the world.

All right, all right get the middle school giggles and Trojan jokes out now.

To further support this point, recently The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has issued a challenge to designers to create a Next-Gen condom. As stated on their website:

“Condoms have been in use for about 400 years yet they have undergone very little technological improvement in the past 50 years...We are looking for a Next Generation Condom that significantly preserves or enhances pleasure, in order to improve uptake and regular use.”

According to a recent article by, the designs are already rolling in, with intriguing results.

That got us thinking: what is already out there that is challenging the “condom” conventions? Here for your viewing (and perhaps usage) pleasure are what we think are the coolest (again, coolest, not weirdest, freakiest, or day-glo-ish) condoms on the market.

Sensis QuikStrips Condoms

Counting thin lubricated and micro dotted ribbed condoms among their lineup, Sensis Condoms are all about having safe sex while making it fun and pleasureable. Their QuikStrip line makes it easy to put on the condom, so there’s no awkwardness and less confusion of application. With a demo video, and a free sample order via their website, Sensis is easy to try out and easy to use.

This is L. Condoms

One look at their website, and you know these ain’t your everyday, convenicence store Trojans. Founded by photojournalist Tallie Frankel, who worked for years in AIDs stricken Africa, This is L. describes itself as a movement about “safe sex a human right...and [improving] the quality of life for women everywhere.” By offering various condoms for $1, they also look to distrubute birth control options to areas impacted greatly by AIDS and unprotected sex, educating populations, and creating social programs for women. Pretty cool, eh? Also, their website rocks.

Origami Condoms

Recently featured in a Huffington Post article, these condoms not only take a new spin on the shape of condoms, but also with the materials made. Featuring Male, Female, and Anal condoms, they are all latex and made of silicone. The male versions are non rolling, and the company’s aim, according to their website, is to “provide unique, pleasureable condoms that people can enjoy using and to increase consumer uptake with consistent use.” Plus, they look like a modern art exhibit. Seriously, they do. What’s cooler than that?

B Condoms

Claiming themselves to be “Luxury Condoms With A Social Mission,” from each sale, they donate part of the proceeds to unsafe sex prevention, and education programs. Plus, they’re available at Whole Foods. What’s not to like?

The Original Condom Company

All about keeping green, not only are these condoms biodegradable, but they try to offset their carbon emissions, and donate money to spread HIV/AIDs awareness and prevention. As for pleasure, well, they’re French, and everyone knows the French know how to have good sex.

Inspiral Condoms

Yes, they look weird, but they have been featured by Cosmopolitan, Rip n Roll, and Men’s Health as one of the best condoms on the market. Designed with ultimate friction in mind, the Inspiral’s site touts its “unique twisting shape creates stimulation in sensitive nerve endings actually making the condom feel thinner than it really is.” Hey, they made the top of the Top 10 Condom list for Rip n Roll, that’s gotta count for something.

Sir Richard’s Condom Company

Another company about combining pleasure with social responsibility, for every Sir Richard Condom bought, another is donated to a developing country. Not only that, but the condoms are vegan certified, PETA approved, and they have a nice selection. They even developed a condom specifically for Haiti! Gotta love ‘em (in more ways than one).

There you go! Talk about a selection for you to feel good while doing good. We don’t know about you, but we think it’s totally awesome so many companies are trying to innovate and be creative while at the same time being socially conscious about safe sex. 

Go forth and f...well, you know.


Lisa Bernier is a writer based in NYC. When she's not typing away, you can probably find her by locating the nearest dog park, and there she will be, ogling all the cute dogs. She also occasionally does an Improv scene. Follow her @pilrimkim on Twitter.


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