When we released Booshies- we got some questions. First, "what's with the name?"  Real talk- it's kinda mash-up of booty, tooshie, and bougie. And the next question we get, "What do you do with them?" So, here's the deal since we're all adults: sort of anything. They're gentle and smell fan-fucking-tastic so they can kind of be used for anything. Here's a couple helpful (and some less helpful) ideas so you can begin to explore the Booshies universe on your own.

  1. Wiping up post-coital messes so you can bask in the afterglow comfortably

  2. Quick clean your Zip vibe before and after use because time is of the essence 

  3. Flush them down the toilet after one-on-one time with Squish 

  4. Removing half of your face makeup like you’re Mulan singing “Reflections” (or @Bennydrama7 singing "That Don't Impress Me Much")Booshies UnboundBooshies Unbound

  5. Wiping down subway poles

  6. Makeshift sponge bath for when you forgot to put on deodorant

  7. Cleaning off your menstrual cup in a public restroom

  8. Polishing your elementary school perfect attendance trophies in your parents’ attic

  9. Wiping off your phone screen after a call

  10. Cleaning up spilled milk

  11. Mopping up the tears you cried over the spilled milk

  12. Attach them to the bottoms of your slippers and Swiffer your bedroom floor

  13. Cleaning your lipstick notes off the bathroom mirror

  14. Wipe away excessive sweat in the middle of your spin class

  15. Clean your hands after a big meal from Seamless

  16. Freshen up your yoga mat and find inner peace

  17. Fold it up and put it in your underwear drawer for a better smelling mothball

  18. Gather up all the hard-to-reach glitter in the aftermath of your Ke$ha themed birthday party

  19. A quick bathroom touch-up for when your Tinder date is going better than expected

  20. Removing that temporary tattoo you got at a music festival

  21. Wiping off post-shower steam from your bathroom mirror

  22. Keep your laptop camera clean so the NSA has a clear view

  23. Clean the bird poop and dead insects off your windshield

  24. Wipe off excess massage candle wax from your body

  25. Clean up the water rings left by your wine glass because you refuse to invest in coasters

  26. Scour your stovetop burner because you will get your security deposit back

  27. Clear off the pet hair on your suede couch

  28. Get rid of that ring your roommate always leaves in the bathtub

  29. Start a weekly workspace wipe down at your office to promote cleanliness

  30. Clean out the bottom of your favorite purse, which is starting to look like the Elephant Graveyard

  31. Once you've burned through all the goodies in your Oh to Go, fill that bag with Booshies and be THAT friend who handily carries wipes. 

  32. Pat off the excess grease on your classic New York slice

  33. Wipe the Jelly off your inner thigh

  34. Wipe off your fingerprints from the crime scene so they can’t pin it on you

  35. Use them as bibs for particularly messy mealsBooshies Unbound

  36. Get rid of the two year old sticker gunk on your laptop

  37. Clean the DIY matching Stick-n-Poke your best friend convinced you to get

  38. Wipe down the children’s bead maze at your local pediatric office as community service

  39. Polishing that weird mystery scuff mark on your shoe

  40. Stuff in two or three to stop the leak in your apartment building

  41. Put small squares under your eyes at night to reduce puffiness

  42. Include a couple in a menstruation kit you can donate to a local shelter

  43. Pat down and tame those flyaway hairs for the perfect passport photo

  44. Stay fresh when you’re out camping (but don’t toss Booshies into the woods when you’re done!)

  45. Clean out your glove compartment while you’re sitting in traffic

  46. Leave a few in your co-working space’s bathroom to politely suggest people clean up their damn messes for once in their lives

  47. Finally clean off last month’s (unfinished) to-do list off your personal whiteboard

  48. Use it to remove the gum you didn’t see before you sat down on the train

  49. Tie one around your index finger like a superhero cape to entertain family and friends with an impromptu puppet show

  50. Get a 4 pm text message from your friends about a happy hour but skipped a shower that day (or 3- no judgment)? Hop in a stall and do a head to toe swipe. You'll emerge smelling like someone who gets up early enough to shower before work. 

  51. Polish your most prized glass toy

  52. Use one to moisten the edge of an envelope or stamp so you don’t have to get that weird taste on your own tongue

  53. Clean out the gunk in between your keyboard keys because you know your space bar used to move faster

  54. Wipe off the residue left behind on all your pump nozzles–foundation, hand wash, face lotion, you name it!

  55. Offer one to that guy on the subway who’s sneezing with his mouth open–how kind of you!

Now get out there and get swiping, bb. The world is your oyster! (Ugh, oysters must be so filthy- we're not sure if Booshies could help there.) 



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