What a month to be alive!

August is shaping up to be eventful, dramatic, and full of energy, so buckle your seatbelts, everyone! The lunar eclipse on August 7 definitely shook things up. If you felt funky on August 12, no worries! It was just good ol’ Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo. The Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21 will have all of your Leo friends being super obnoxious, but let them have their day! Lastly, Virgo season starts on August 22nd, so get ready to be feeling a little more organized than usual…Good luck, kittens!

Xoxox, Carson


This is an energetic month for you, Fire Sign! First and foremost, let your freak flag fly this August. Be social, be uninhibited, and prioritize fun. The lunar eclipse in Aquarius on August 7 led to a burst of energy in your social life! By the end of the end of Leo season, you’ll need to start getting your life in order. Take early fall and the sun entering Virgo on August 22nd as a sign to clean out your junk drawer. If your junk drawer is already organized, is there some internal junk you need to work out? I suggest you address that, and while you’re at it I recommend you try out the SenseVibe Warm to keep things fiery this Leo season! 



Get ready for some romance right away, Taurus. August 12th was your day for steamy, hot, sweaty…you get it. Remind your crush or your partner that you’re in the mood for something new and exciting. You may be tempted to talk a little trash this month, my sweet Bull, which isn’t like you. Resist the urge on August 17th. By the time Virgo season hits, you'll be feeling as sensual and grounded as the virgin herself! I recommend you try the Lickable Star and Spice Massage Gel for an impromptu snack. 


Surprise, surprise, wonder twins! August, along with Leo season, brings a lot of tension to your life. Did you have some communication or verbalization issues around the lunar eclipse on August 7th? Mercury in retrograde will require you to slow down a little, but use this time to prep for something big come August 21st (solar eclipse). Be in contact with your friends at the end of the month, and be available! Don’t forget to take some well deserved you time. I recommend the Rocket Touch Responsive Wand Mini Wand for when you need some 1 on 1 time with yourself!



After the lunar eclipse on August 7th, keep your friends close and enemies closer, Oh Crabby One. I know this is hard for you as a sensitive person, but be a little tougher this month! Since the moon is your ruling planet, the eclipse may have affected you more than you think. Watch out for your financials, and remember to measure twice and cut once. Once the sun enters virgo on August 22nd, you’ll be feeling rational and organized. Use this time to reach out to your loved ones—they need attention too! Since you’ll be on the go this month, I recommend you try the Amelia Lube Vial Necklace for those moments when you gotta get in a quickie! 



Happy Birthday, Lions!!! You came to a wonderful and harsh realization after the lunar eclipse on August 7th. If you were craving tears, drama, and creative fuel, you got it! Use Mercury in retrograde as a time to do basic organization in your life. Stagnant energy will be unnecessary. Remember that because this Mercury in retrograde is in Virgo, you’ll need to focus on how you’re caring for others, despite the fact that it’s Leo Season. During the solar eclipse in Leo on August 21st, you’ll be shedding some skin. Expect to feel new, inspired, and ready to for projects, people, and experiences. Take this time to be vulnerable and say what you feel to those closest to you. Don’t go overboard, Leo, and remember that everyone deserves the gentle and warm nature that you love the most! I recommend you try the Eye of Love Pheromone Sunscreen for those days when you wanna catch rays and attract admirers! 



Prep for chaos this month, Virgo! You might find yourself accumulating funds during the

beginning of the month, but be smart with them. The lunar eclipse wasn’t easy for you, so try to keep your plans loose goose-y, and consider that you can’t control anything but yourself. Mercury in retrograde usually sends you running to the hills, but take it as an opportunity to clean out your closet, learn a new dance move, or pick up that ukulele you got six years ago! Once Virgo season hits on August 22nd, I’d like you to remember my Virgo best friend’s mantra: “Unvoiced expectations lead to disappointment.” Voice your expectation and say what you need to say. Remember to prioritize yourself, and start making a birthday list full of self-love items. I suggest the Pure Wand to help get you the extra mile! 


Oh, Libra. This month, your need to keep your life balanced will be challenged. Casual relationships will turn serious. One night stands might turn into sleepovers. Friendships might get a little rocky. The lunar eclipse on Aug 7th helped to recharge you creatively, but expect some type of news that’ll distract you from your art or work. Mercury in retrograde began on August 12th so don’t try to make life changing communications. Use this time to sleep, rest, and stretch. Use your intuition–which is one of your best assets–and be a little guarded during this retrograde. By the solar eclipse in Leo, you’ll need to be prepped for drama. Virgo season starting on August 22nd calls for you to journal about your dreams and daily thoughts. Expect to take a break from socializing during Virgo season. Since you’ll have some alone time, I highly recommend you try the Marley Vibrator



Your drama bone will be in serious use this month, Scorpio! You may face some challenges to plans and with the people closest to you during the lunar eclipse. Be open to family and housing reevaluations during this time. As you might not expect, Mercury in Retrograde is going to be your social starlight time! Get right in the spotlight and call your best friend for some fun outings! This theme will be dragged all the way into Virgo season. Articulate yourself once Venus enters Leo on August 26th. Take a few tips from the Lions themselves, and be firm and loud. Since you’ll be out and about, I recommend you try this Pheromone Deodorant for your nights out! 


Be open to change this month, Sag. The lunar eclipse on August 7th caused you to change some plans that you’ve been banking on for months. Do not let your need to follow through discourage you. Accept the change in preparation for an energetic time ahead. Remember to be sure of yourself and validate your own decisions. Mercury in retrograde isn’t a good time to travel, sign a lease, or accept a new job, so stay in, redecorate your apartment, and bust out your favorite playlist. Take this retrograde as an excuse for a party! I recommend you try Kinky Truth or Dare with your crush or partner for a private party, too! 



Remember that DIY project that you never quite finished, Capricorn? I’d pick that back up if I were you on the days following Mercury in Retrograde on August 12th. Really put your whole heart into finishing something. The payoff will feel amazing! The solar eclipse in Leo on August 21st will make you messier than usual, so drop your hard-as-nails front early on. Be the emotional mess friend, make some questionable decisions, and let others pick you up when you’re down this month. Once the sun is in Virgo on August 22nd, you’ll be feeling grounded and inspired again! For those days when you need a pick me up, I highly recommend the classic Hitachi Magic Wand



Right up front, I think you should ask for a lot of feedback this month, Aquarius. The Lunar Eclipse on August 7th was in your sign, so it was probably an emotional and consuming day. Be open to blooming this month. Don’t fear any upcoming changes or shifts. Embrace everything! Mercury in retrograde on August 12th caused you to have very thorough, in-depth conversations about topics ranging from politics to oral sex techniques. This is the month to pause using logic and analysis to rationalize other people’s motives, actions, or decisions. Be mushy, gushy, and use your heart this month. Surround yourself with open-minded people once Virgo season begins on August 22nd. Expect a lot of love from your partner or close friends on August 26th when Venus enters Leo. Manifest that a Leo in your life will share some spotlight and shiny, golden vibes with you. I highly recommend the Rose Quartz Dildo to soak up all the good energy you’ll be giving off this month! 



Starting on August 12th, Mercury in retrograde might bring some saucy sexy-time to your life, Pisces! If it’s not romance you’re interested in, keep yourself creative during this time. Be open to scrapping a project and starting over–your artistic juices will be flowin’, so use them! While everyone else is running around like chickens with their heads cut off, you’ll be finishing creative endeavors you’ve been avoiding for months! Air out the dirty laundry that’s been affecting you and your partner or close friend during this month. I’m sure, at the very least, it’ll aid you in your creative work! The solar eclipse in Leo on the 21st will have you processing some emotional news, but once Virgo season starts on the 22nd you’ll be working on your relationships with your partners and friends. For those days when you’re feeling extra…ahem…collaborative, I recommend the Couple’s Beginners Box

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Carson Jordan is a loose lipped Leo and self-proclaimed “contrarian” from Ithaca, NY. She can be found asking people what their astrological signs are before she asks what degrees they have, binging early 2000s VH1 Reality TV shows, and writing bad iPhone poetry on the train. Her favorite Unbound product is the Minna Limon!


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