We got a chance to chat with Good Clean Love's CEO and Founder/Loveologist, Wendy Strgar to find out more about her vision for the brand. Which made us fall even more in love with the brand and strong women behind it!
You are a loveologist, what does that meant to you exactly?
I use the word loveologist to denote a person who studies, researches, writes and teaches about love. It is surprising to me that there is still not a disciplined study of love at the university level and one of my life goals is to be able to endow a department of loveology at a University. I do believe that while love inspires many feelings, it is actually an action verb with a specific skill set that is developmental – which means that we can learn it, practice it and get better at it. Many people confuse the falling in love for the mature version of learning to love over time- Loving is the gentlest education we can hope for in becoming our best selves. In the last moments of life, we know that the only thing that mattered is who we loved and who loved us back. I am lucky to be able to keep my attention trained on these ideas every day.
Why should your customer care how organic their lubricants are? 
I have long advocated for cleaner products believing that petrochemicals were irritants and allergens for many women. Now we have learned that their osmolity is actually damaging genital and rectal tissue increasing the risk of Bacterial Vaginosis by 13 times and thereby increasing the rates of HIV infection, transmission and susceptibility to other serious STDs. It is better to use nothing if you don’t have a safe lube. 
What are the most important challenges the love vs. sex industry face that you think GCL addresses? 
Our focus on being a love product company differentiates us by promoting sex in the context of relating which enhances your sense of self worth, dignity and compassion. Leaving a sexual encounter feel shame, remorse, disrespect or worse is a tragic and common form of violence the world over. Whereas sex that occurs within loving contexts heals us, teaches us, transforms us. This is the kind of intimacy that Good Clean Love products elongate, enhance, embolden. I always tell people not to waste the product on people they don’t love. Even if it is the first and only time you are with someone, if it isn’t loving – why do it?
What has been the most rewarding experience/moment of your GCL journey?
Most recently, our lubricant was included in national studies that showed us superior to the major players us in the OTC market. This coincided with a very large new customer acquisition, which looks to change the reach of the good clean love message. That said, all the way along over the last ten years, there have been many make or break moments when I was able to stay with the uncertainty and growing pains and then suddenly something was different. Winning awards and getting recognition is great, but some of our customer’s emails about how something we make, or wrote gave them new eyes to see their relationship or the space to try again is most rewarding of all.
Coffee or tea?
I am an all day long tea drinker. I love rose, lavender and other flowers in my tea. I will drink some green tea but usually stick to the soothing varieties. It is an easy way to take care of my nervous system.
To learn more about Wendy, you can follow her blog or listen to podcasts on her site, or visit Good Clean Love.
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