Sure, having someone adept in the bedroom is always your best bet, but that that doesn't mean everyone can't benefit from a little assist courtesy of SCIENCE. We've handpicked our favorite cutting-edge stimulant and arousal gels and balms for every sensitive, nerve-ending filled part of you.  Enjoy!


The nipples are extremely sensitive and this fab nip gloss duo from Bijoux Indiscrets lets you experiment with warming and cooling sensations.  



The clitoris is teeming with highly sensitive nerve endings and a dollop of this powerful and pleasantly flavored arousal gel from Exsens will wake every last one of them up.


This mix of single serve stimulants from Toka has a lot of great choices including warming lubricant and massage oil but we really love the female orgasm enhancer which pairs fantastically with G-Spot stimulation. 


Most anal relaxers use unsafe ingredients that can numb the sphincter and lead to tearing.  This all-natural herbal serum from Intimate Earth causes no anesthetic effects and is formulated to naturally relax the anus and make penetration more comfortable.  


Help your male partner last longer with the prolonging gel in this great couples' kit from Kama Sutra (also includes a female arousal gel).


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