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The More You Know: 2021 Holiday Shopping & Supply Chain Edition

The More You Know: 2021 Holiday Shopping & Supply Chain Edition

Hey there!

As our team begins to prepare for the holiday sales, we thought it might be helpful to let you know what to expect this holiday season while shopping with Unbound, and frankly, most retailers. Feel free to pop over to our Holiday Shipping Estimates page or our FAQ's for the TLDR on all this. The good news: we’ll be offering our best deals ever this shopping season. The not so good news: delays are possible.

*Pulls out chair, sits on it backward, does not look particularly cool*

You’ve likely heard or seen the effects of supply chain delays across retail already and our small lil operation here is no exception to this.  While we know it is frustrating, it’s important to keep in mind that behind every delay, set back, or update are *people* who are doing the best they can with what they’ve got right now. 


While we can’t change the global supply chain as it is today, here are some ways you might have a better experience shopping with us this season: 


  • Expanded our chat coverage. We truly have the most stellar customer support team and now, they'll be available to you on our on site chat feature. Prefer to text? If you are subscribed to our SMS list and respond to any messages received, you will also be connected with our team.


  • Get a better idea of where your vibes are once they hit the road. We’ve implemented Narvar so you can closely track your package’s progress once it’s left our warehouse.


What do these delays mean for me?

You can expect to see more items out of stock or back ordered. You may also see delays once your items ship from our warehouse to your house. 

What is actually happening with the supply chain right now?

Good question! Our Senior Ops Manager, Shazi, explains it a bit here on Tiktok but the tldr is that delays at the major US ports have caused a backup of thousands of ships and what used to take days to process now takes weeks. 


What can I do as a customer who is trying to navigate this?

  • Order items that are in stock *or* anticipate a delay for items that are not.
  • Plan to order as early as possible to receive your items in time for the holidays.
  • If you are purchasing in stock and backordered items, we recommend making two separate orders to ensure your in stock items arrive sooner as we will not be able to split shipments.
  • More than anything, please be patient- with us and with all people you might encounter in the retail and service industry this season. 

Finally, we want to take this opportunity to thank you- not just for reading through this letter but for supporting us all year. Our team is made up of 8 people who are constantly striving for Unbound to be the most affordable, approachable sexual lifestyle brand on the planet. Our holiday sales matter deeply to our bottom line and we truly appreciate you supporting our biz. It’s not lost on us that you chose us instead of someone who might get things to you faster or cheaper (yes, looking at u, Jeff). So again, thank you and if you should find yourself reaching out to us or any other company this season, remember that a pet pic can go a long way in making the person on the other end feel like a human too.

And while you're waiting on tracking page updates this season, feel free to pop in and explore our Unbound community crowdsourced "Hang in There, Babe" spreadsheet or drop some of your favorite songs into our team's most recent Spotify playlist

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