All Unbound women obviously have their own innate allure, but what if science could give that an extra boost?  Eye of Love makes unique body sprays and other skin products infused with pheromones to enhance your natural charms.We sat down with EoL's marketing director Jacqi Rubinoff to learn more...

UB: What was the genesis of the company? How do you differentiate yourselves? 
JC:: The company was founded in the US and is a family-run company. We have since launched internationally. From there we grew to over 20 countries and have distribution in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, the US, and Canada.

Our goal is to spread love around the globe and enhance people's daily lives. Previously the marketing behind pheromones was purely sexual and misleading. We market towards everyday use to people in sales, hospitality, waitresses, bartenders, or anyone else looking for an added advantage. We made our packaging sleek with high quality pheromones, and sophisticated fragrances. We created products designed to set the mood and give people an added advantage.

UB: What has been the approach to innovation and product development? Where do those ideas come from (internally? customer feedback etc?)
JC: Our innovation comes internally and also from customer feedback based on people's needs and what they are looking for.

UB: How do you think about marketing and PR, given the unique nature of your products and the need for customer education?
JC: Marketing & PR are extremely important as this is a relatively underdeveloped category and once people here about it and try it, they are hooked!

UB: Could you speak more to the science of the pheromones your products leverage? How are they different (eg what about the blends for men vs women make them suited to that group etc), and how do you test their efficacy?
JC: A chemical reaction occurs as it passes through the VNO to the Hypothalymus stimulating a response of arousal and attraction. If there is an attraction already it will break down the walls and allow you to take that relationship further. If there is no attraction then just like aura and charisma you will just feel good being around that particular person wearing the pheromones. We only use pure synthetic pheromones in our products. No blends, or animal byproducts like other companies use.

UB: What do you imagine is the direction of the company going forward (new products or partnerships in the works)?
JC: We have many new products in line and are very excited to continue enhancing people's lives.

UB: Do you find that customer feedback is consistent? How do you think about iterating and refining products based on customer feedback?
JC: Yes customer feedback is consistent and it is great to see that people are connecting with our fragrances and purchasing other products in the fragrance range. We always listen to customer feedback and will modify our products accordingly.

UB: Are there any new retail opportunities you've been exploring?
JC: We sell in brick and mortar stores worldwide. We also sell to online stores as well as well as home party companies and catalogs.

UB: What was your personal background before EoL and what motivated your pivot?
JC: Before EOL I received my degree in Family and Consumer Sciences and always loved helping people and promoting healthy relationships. Now I am studying to become a Certified Love Coach and relationship expert to help people not only by giving them great products to enhance their daily lives, but to also give them the necessary tools and advice for a successful relationship.


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