Hi! I'm Margit and that handsome little man in the pic above is Bruiser, the tiny love of my life. I'm from Minneapolis but currently call Brooklyn home. You can count on me to have zero food in my fridge but never less than a case of wine. I found Polly and Unbound in 2016 (tough year, really needed a vibrator!) and pretty much have been hooked ever since.


I do a lot of events for Unbound and Squish never fails to wow the crowd when she practically jumps out of my hand in replay mode. The intuitiveness of just squeezing and not fumbling for buttons is my personal favorite feature because it allows for true enjoyment of the moment.


Great for booty play. Get some Jelly on there, relax, and enjoy the vibrations on their own, or mix up your oral routine and add this for a new sensation. We hear from a lot of customers who are more hesitant about anal play but are pleasantly surprised by a vibrating plug.  


Everyone is the office is ready for me to be done talking about Booshies. Ev 👏rey 👏one 👏. But I love them TOO much- I even use them to take off my makeup (it works!) and always have a couple floating around the bottom of my bag.


Britney Tote 

A relatable yet inspirational saying if I’ve ever heard one. Just don’t expect me to land a Vegas residency or win the popular vote anytime soon. 


OMG Spot 
OMG Spot has a lil more “oomph” than your average lube and pairs well with my Gem or G-Kii.