Hi! I'm Shazi.

I am the newest member of the Unbound team, and as a self-proclaimed intersectional feminist, this experience has been nothing short of wondrous.

Born and raised in New York, I am super into aesthetics, reading and writing prose and poetry, herbal teas, and how to disrupt elitism through accessibility.

And these are my top picks! 



This was an instant favorite of mine because it’s the kind of toy that is actually fun to use! The squeezable technology is easy and the vibrations are on point.

Whistle Necklace

I like that this is a super sleek necklace that pairs well with any outfit, but is also a multi-functional tool. Makes me feel sexy and safe when I’m wearing it.

Snake Nipple Clamps

Love this piece because it looks wonderful and elegant, but nothing is better than the looks of shock and the laughter that comes when you tell people you’re casually wearing nipple clamps!


As someone who constantly has flushable wipes on deck, I am in love with Booshies! They smell wonderful and the individual packaging makes them easy to carry with you.

massage candle

Sophia Massage Candle

This was the first soy/massage candle I’d ever used, and I’m still really about it. The smell is really subtle until it’s on your skin, and although it’s light, it’s delectable!



I don’t consider myself a shallow person, but my favorite thing about Gem is how pretty it is. I mean, it’s great to use too, but let me tell you that it makes a beautiful statement piece. Truly, sick decor.



feminist gift

Feminist As Fuck Mug & Tote

I’m proud to call myself a feminist, and I love how unabashed and loud these items are! I find them charming as heck, and I have also given them as gifts to other gung-ho fierce feminists in my life.