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2 Girls, 1 Oh To Go

2 Girls, 1 Oh To Go

This month, we asked one of our favorite couples to document an experience with our Oh To Go kit. In this photographic play by play, they capture some of their coziest moments with Oh To Go and show us just how magical using sex toys with a partner can be. 

Give us a quick intro. Who are you?

We’re Chloe (@itschloethedrama) & Sasha (@diasspora), a queer black expansive couple who’ve been together through any and everything imaginable. Each other’s halves.

What do you mean when you say that you’re an expansive couple?

Just that our relationship has and will take on many forms and iterations.

unbound lube

How often do you incorporate toys/lube into sex?

We love using lube; for me (Chloe) it’s a really important element of sex because it helps establish a sense of safety and security with my partner. I love the complexities of the sensations that can be associated with various types of lubes,  which is why I’m all over the Clit Jolt Gel. I like to rev myself up and I’m all about teasing, and the gel does a phenomenal job.

unbound oh to go

What aspect of the Oh To Go got you most excited?

The Oh To Go is AMAZE in a pinch. Let’s be honest: while on vacation Sash and I may or may not have snuck into a locker room shower for a quick moment between the two of us. Having some cute, small, discrete items definitely enhanced the experience. 

Where were you when you used it?

Oops! See above, but we were on a fun vacay in Atlantic City gambling and playing (hehe).

unbound oh to go

Did it change your sexual experience at all? If yes, how?

The Oh To Go definitely works to enhance our experiences, especially when they’re random, more spontaneous acts. You don't always know where you’ll be when you want to get down and dirty, and the kit definitely comes in handy for embracing that. We also love roleplay, and having a kit that can assist with these acts is amazingly hot and adds to the fantasy.

unbound oh to go

What would you say about the Oh To Go to another couple who wants it?

We would tell a couple to definitely invest, and that while it is perfect for fun, illicit moments, to always make sure to test and experiment with the products first before jumping into using them on the fly. Some of the products can be super stimulating and it’s important to know how your body responds to that before any type of play. But after you’ve found your fave item, go forth. 

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