When we landed on the name, Unbound, we liked it because it communicated a sense of freedom. A sense of being uninhibited. Mostly, to #GetUnbound meant an outright dismissal of the societal expectations and constructs placed on those who are not at the top of the power structure. 

And while some might think that the name implies a preference to avoid the act of being physically bound (or spanked, whipped, whatever), let us set the record straight with a hell to the nah. Kink is an important and healthy expression of desire and something we support enthusiastically. This month, we'll explore solo kink, why strap-on sex is hot for hetero couples, and kinks you might not know yet. If you're no stranger to kink, we think you'll find this month's coverage to be right up your alley. If you're new to kink or kink curious, we're sure you'll find something here that strikes your fancy too. 

Just remember: keep it safe, sane and consensual- always. 

We'll leave with you a few safety tips if you do choose to engage in restraint play or you know, #GetBound. 

-Never leave a bound person alone. Ever.

-When you secure the knot, make sure you leave some room for the person to move. Slide your fingers underneath the satin. Can you move them? If not, loosen it.

-Have emergency scissors nearby to cut through the scarf or rope if something happens and you can't get the knot undone. Safe, sane and consensual. Better to purchase a new scarf for future play than to injure a lover.

-For self bondage, have your phone nearby, a pair of emergency scissors and never, ever tie yourself up in any way that will restrict your air flow or cut off your circulation in a way that you can't escape from.


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