Intro: The below is a teaser of Sanity Addiction Part 1 published in Issue 2 of Violet Summer Zine, an annual zine that focuses on long and short form highly suggestive chick literature. To read the full story, download Violet Summer Zine Issue 2 here.

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Before I knew it, the summer that I met Jacob in was over, and winter was settling into its dark cold mood. It seemed like I’d been with Jacob for a lifetime. However,  it was only a few months. Yet, I realized I was chasing Jacob too much at that point. He was gaining so much success for his beats and verses for upcoming trap artists in Atlanta and with a credit on some of Atlanta’s hottest trap rapper albums.  He was buzzing as an up-and-coming producer in blogs and magazines like XXL Magazine and Rap Radar. We’d talk about our dreams and goals late at night as I fell asleep on his chest.  I helped him form a group of managers and producers and other important people in the industry that I happened to know from my days in college, when I was hanging out with my Morehouse babes who I knew from my hometown in Philly. I helped him with his marketing material since I knew writers at huge music publications that were always looking for content they didn’t have to get off their ass to find. He would write songs about me and then invite me to the studio to listen. 

“Babe, come to the studio.” Jacob would text me. I’d come within the hour and the turnup would begin. I’d roll up a blunt or load up some dab oil in my favorite vape, and smoke until my vision became too hazy. Then Jacob would just serenade me. One song note at a time. In a moment I probably will never forget, he took my hands and led me into the recording booth.

 “Do you trust, me?” Jacob asked me.

“With all my heart.”  I responded.

He pulled me closer.

“Do you trust me,” he repeated as he held me with aggressive passion. 

“Yes.” I said holding my breath.

“Would you love me to the moon?”

“I’d love you to Pluto” I responded.

He grabbed me closer and kissed me, squeezing my ass, lifting me up by my hips as I wrapped my legs around him. I lifted my dress to reveal my bare ass. I felt his manhood throbbing on my thighs as I unzipped his jeans and released it. Still holding me, I felt his hot skin touch mine as he penetrated me, leaning over to the studio wall to reach deeper inside me. I grinded closer even though there was no more room left. The booth became steamy, as the sound of our breaths was in sync. We ended up on the floor, as he licked my wet sex clean.

 “Your little cunt is so beautiful” he said, looking up to me as he patted my sex like a baby’s butt.  I stared seductively into his eyes,  rubbing my hard nipples, feeling the softness, appreciating the moment,  as my stomach got tighter, I flexed my toes, until I finally found my release. 

We fell asleep on the studio floor that night, awakening to the sound producer’s loud fart. The sound was on record the whole time.



#SanityAddiction is a highly-suggestive mini-novel series about  twenty-something relationships heavily-influenced by the internet, drugs, sex, fashion and music.   Sometimes love stories don’t end up how we want them to end up. As women/girls, we grow up truly believing in the “happily ever after fantasy.” We set our minds on that ending and when shit hits the fan, it’s disappointing and devastating. But the real test to our so called romanticism is: how do we cope after shit hits the fan? #SanityAddiction tells the stories of young women living in a super materialistic world. This highly suggestive chick literature aims to teach lessons on internet etiquette, negative effects of slut-shaming & revenge porn, bullying and maintaining relationships online.


About The Author:

Melissa Henderson is an international lifestyle writer and content strategist with over seven years of experience in the digital marketing and editorial space. Originally from North Philadelphia, living and creating in New York City is a thrill for Melissa.  Catch up with her on social: @melspainn or visit



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