Hey, pretty thangs! My name is Sarah Jayne, and I am one of the original Unbounders. I'm from Youngstown, Ohio–yes, the one in the Bruce Springsteen song and yes, the town with the most superior pizza scene on the planet. Although I live in NYC now, I am still thoroughly midwest in spirit and sartorial choice. I'm obsessed with my pug- Sgt Pepper, disco, Darth Vader (none of that Anakin shit tho), wishing I was better at playing drums, and perusing Zillow for homes I cannot afford. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that when we started packing boxes of sex toys in our tiny apartments years ago that we'd be here today growing this lil' company that could. Without further adieu... 


The Original Magic Wand
She ain't the cutest vibe on the scene but the magic wand is a legend and its reputation is no myth. It's the clitar hero and my strongest recommendation when it comes to a vibe that can just do the damn thing. It looks clinical and it's loud, but it's wildly effective and strong as hell. Some vibes are show ponies, others are workhorses- the magic wand is a Clydesdale with an electric cord and if mine should ever perish, I will be giving it a proper burial at sea. 

"And then a hero comes along..." I love this lube for all its amazing uses.  It's a fantastic pack along item for travel. I use it in my hair to tame frizz and it also works really well to reduce thigh friction (IT'S REAL) when you're wearing a dress or running if you're into that sort of thing. 

Golden Rod Chain Necklace 
I love all of our jewelry pieces tbh. There's sort of nothing like the look on someone's face when they compliment one of your shiny pieces and you reveal what it really does.  This one is gorgeous. 


Unbound Squish
This vibe is sort of everything that the Magic Wand is not: intuitive, soft, cute. It is however remarkably strong and rumbly and I love the color too.

Love is Art Kit
I've tried a lot of products in my tenure at Unbound. I still don't consider myself an expert and I am in no way hypercritical. Tbh, my view when it comes to sex toys is that if you have fun, it’s safe and it brings you pleasure of any kind--it's worthwhile. That said, when I first received at Art is Love Kit, my expectations were kind of meh. It seemed fun but also messy and maybe a little too silly. My partner and I gave it a go and to our surprise, we had a blast. The kit is really well thought out and gives you everything you need to have some good messy fun without jeopardizing your security deposit. Do we proudly display our sex art on our walls for our friends, family and dog walker to see? Big nope- but we do laugh about that one time we got all paint covered and did something pretty different.