To put it very lightly, this past year has been A LOT. It's easy to forget about yourself when you're busy working, tending to relationships, trolling people on Twitter...ya know, life. Whether it's once in a blue moon or every damn day, we all deserve to treat ourselves. Here's a list of our favorite products for self-care - because they'll do most of the work for you.

1) Good Clean Love Origins Love Oil

Good Clean Love Origins Oil

This stuff gets all the jobs done. Use it as a massage oil to work out those post-weekend kinks - its natural ingredients are nourishing for your skin and leave it feeling super f*cking soft. The best part? It can be safely used to move from massage to masturbating or sex! Shop now

2) Epi24 Womanizer Pro40 

Womanizer Pro40

We've said it once and we'll say it again: the Womanizer is every clit's wildest dream. Simply lay back, place the soft, silicone cup over your clitoris, and let the suction do the rest of the work. It's touch-free technology that really allows you to target sensation (i.e. it's perfect for when you're feeling lazy and wanna have a mind-blowing orgasm without putting in much effort). Plus, research has shown that 98% of women who used the Womanizer reached orgasm in less than five minutes...yep. Shop now

3) Je Joue Pebble (motor sold separately)

Je Joue Pebble and Motor

A pillow for your clit, the Pebble is the best option for getting off on a budget. It's palm-sized and made entirely out of high-quality silicone, making it smooth and easy to maneuver. Even though it's small, this baby is mighty powerful - just remember to purchase a motor so you can rev it up! Shop now

4) Fun Toys G Balls

Fun Toys G Balls

This app-enabled kegel trainer is a staff-favorite because of its reliable smartphone tracking feature. Challenge your PC muscles with six different training programs and four difficulty levels. Kegels are fun because you can do them while you're horizontal, under the covers, with a face mask on. So catch up on Riverdale season two (which we're all secretly watching) and get to squeezin' at the same time! Shop now

(Always consult with your doctor before doing kegels and make sure you do them right!) 

5) Chakrubs Rose Quartz Dildo

Chakrubs Rose Quartz Dildo

This dildo is top-selling for a reason: it's a great, easy-to-use dil that's 100% natural rose quartz. Rose quartz is also known as the Heart Stone and is frequently used in meditation practice to harmonize the body’s subtle energies - why wouldn't you use it as a dildo? Since it's stone, it can be used with silicone lube for those who prefer slippier playtime. Plus, it's basically a piece of art. Shop now


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