Sensation play involves the enhancement of the senses, sometimes through the deprivation of others. Blocking out auditory or physical stimuli also allows the person submitting to sensory deprivation to focus purely on physical sensations and enjoy the erotic anticipation of what might happen next.

Just be sure to practice sensation play safely, sanely, and consensually–always have a safe word in case feelings become too intense, and never leave a bound of blindfolded person alone. Bondage restraints and blindfolds are among the ways you can alter how your partner experiences their sensory environment. Click the pics to shop some of our favorites:  

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Stimulation in sensation play can be outright pleasure-inducing or can involve the controlled application of pain. We recommend focusing on the body’s many erogenous zones like the ears, nipples, neck, inner thigh, and lower back. We’ve also compiled an overview of some of the most popular types of sensory play for you to try: 


Cold sensations can jolt your partner in a highly stimulating way.  Experiment with dragging an ice cube gently down their body, lightly grazing sensitive areas like the nipples. Try the touch of something cool like metal, or drink ice water to cool your tongue and turn your kisses and licks chilled.  If you want to turn up the heat, melt a body-safe massage candle like Jimmyjane's Afterglow to produce a hot oil that can be drizzled tantalizingly on your partner.


Sexual stimulants provide extra sensation to your most sensitive areas like the nipples, clitoris and more. Start with just a dollop first- many such gels can be intense. 


Vibrators are a great way to enhance stimulation.  Try wearables like the Je Joue Mio or butt plugs like the B-Vibe Trio, or wield a versatile portable massager (we love the Doc Johnson Tryst) to tease your partner all over.


Clamps, suction cups, and magnets and more allow you to deliver nipple stimulation of varying intensity.  Be sure to adjust intensity gradually, and be aware that the longer these are left on the nipple, the more painful it will be upon removal as blood rushes back to the area. 


Tickling offers wonderful stimulation for more sensitive areas like the bottoms of feet, behind the knee, the inner thigh, the sides of breasts and more.  Try your hand at tickling with one of our favorites like Maison Close’s Flatteur Tickler or Bijoux Indiscret’s Feather Tickler.


Impact play is best for the fleshier parts of the body like the buttocks and thighs. If you’re looking for a gentler, more disperse sensation try a light flogger like the Faux Leather Flogger from Sex and Mischief. If you’re looking for a more concentrated sensation try a riding crop like the Crop Badine from Maison Close or a paddle like Happy Lola’s Heart Paddle. Impact play will make blood rush to the impact site, making the skin more sensitive to the touch, so consider it as a prelude to other kinds of sensory play.


Some people enjoy the gentle pricks from a pinwheel or vampire gloves, which stimulate nerves in the skin without damage.  


Breathplay can be highly erotic, particularly on more sensitive erogenous zones like the neck.  Consider using your tongue to lick your partner’s skin before gently blowing on the wet patch to create a cooling sensation.


Scent can strongly enhance arousal. Try lighting an aphrodisiac-scented candle like Eye of Love’s Seduce to create a seductive ambiance.


Certain indulgent flavors can also turn your partner on. Try an edible massage lotion like Shunga’s or edible body paint like Poeme from Bijoux Indiscrets and enjoy licking the sweet taste off your partner.


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