From the Robocop and the Prime Directive, to Fem Bots in Austin Powers, to the acclaimed film Ex Machina and, of course, the recent runaway popularity of HBO series Westworld, reams of think pieces have been penned on the ethics and implications of sexing (and murdering and doing other weird stuff to) robots. Tabling for now the horrifying question of what happens when these robots become self-aware and go rogue to bring on The Singularity, we here at Unbound were frankly just curious about what the cutting edge in sexbot tech looked like. 

Here are some of the more interesting things we dug up:


Low Tech: Fleshlight “Launchpad”

The mad geniuses at Fleshlight have created something that lets you truly express how much you love your precious Apple device: the “Launcpad” appends to your ipad and allows you to simulate sex when POV porn is on the screen.

Tech: Autoblow 2

This Indiegogo-funded automatic masturbator / oral sex simulator leverages strings of beads that circle the penis and move up and back the shaft at a range of speeds. The aperture for insertion is a creepy pair of disembodied lips schooled into a quixotic Mona Lisa smile.    

Higher Tech: Tenga Illusion 

Tegna- a company known for high quality vibrators, masturbation sleeves and more went viral earlier this year after footage serviced of a Japanese product tester piloting their new “full body virtual interface” to simulate sex.  The “Illusion VR” system combines a masturbation sleeve and full body haptic feedback suit meant to simulate human touch in sync with select porn footage.  

Even Higher Tech: Lovense “Max” & “Nora”

While remote control vibrators have been around for years, teledildonics takes it several steps further with offerings like Lovesense’s Max and Nora paired devices which allow you to sync a masturbator for him with a dildo for her so that the timing of thrusts are matched. 

GET US OUT OF HERE: Realbotix: 

The creator of the (in?)famous Real Doll line of uncanny valley-straddling hyperrealistic sex dolls has crossed over into robotics and AI. Prototypes in the works feature robotic heads that can blink and move lips. The creator is also working on integrating emerging technology akin to extant mobile virtual assistants like Siri and the Amazon echo.   


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