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Sexscopes for Aquarius Season

Sexscopes for Aquarius Season

Welcome to Aquarius season, the gatekeeper of Valentine’s day, when laughter is an aphrodisiac and dialogue increases pleasure. Aquarius follows rules very closely only to find loopholes that build the future. The most romantic day is January 22, when affection goes over-the-top. An emotional connection on an intellectual level is beckoned by the Aquarius new moon on February 4th. Before Valentine’s day we are aggressively horny, thanks to Mars in Aries, but on the 14th Mars enters Taurus, making lazy sex feel more efficient. Interpersonal commitments are made official on the last day of Aquarius season, February 18, when sweet Venus meets serious Saturn in family-oriented Capricorn.


You have come a long way in the past year, so give yourself a “pat on the back”! Starting January 24 you are empowered to say what you want. Dish whatever things you’ve never tried doing before, but are excited to try. Go out and meet some like-minded people on the first weekend of February. The best day to experiment is February 9, when chatting casually about your quirks will be met with enthusiasm.

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You have stars in your eyes on January 22 as you find yourself in the admiring presence of very important people, which calls for a celebration! Things quiet down soon after, and you end up keeping your weirdest fantasies to yourself. Play the scenarios out in your head during the therapeutic new moon on February 4th as you spend some time alone dreaming about the future. Out of your shell you come on the 10th.

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Your libido is high as you try to find ways to release all of your pent-up energy. On January 25th there is nothing holding you back from erupting. At the turn of the month your ability to execute the taboo is at its peak, but practice safety if involving yourself with the shadow figures in the corner of your eye. Come Valentine’s day you are increasingly relaxed and find more efficient ways to go about getting stuff done.

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Intimacy reaches new heights on January 22nd, leading to excited exchanges of compliments and improved mutual trust on February 3rd. Find a way to relax in light of your new work responsibilities near the new moon February 4. You will learn new things about your desires. Let your heart guide you on a trip to uncharted territories. You can find a community that supports your personal growth, even when love feels like a far-away trip.

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Bubbly affection towards your partners sparkles near January 22: expect an overload of warmth. In the comfort of this effervescence, someone candidly reveals their vulnerability, by accident, putting you in the position of providing comfort for their embarrassment. Encourage them to open up and explain how they think. You’ll find yourself reminiscing with about their deep past, and how it provided their current baggage. Your expert level of empathy will command respect and garner attention.

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cancer horoscope

They can’t call you a freak if you’re the first to admit it. Own your strangeness, respect it: it’s what makes you stand out in a crowd. If single, your powers of attraction increase starting February 4th, making you look like the ultimate catch. You’re sensitive to having your intimate needs met during the new moon on the 4th: you’ll be able to pick up on what other people want from you, but not everyone can read minds, so speak up.

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You begin the season supercharged and transformed after two long years thanks to a powerful eclipse on January 20. Basking in the power of self-acceptance, you find a refreshed energy to share the love during the new moon on February 4. Aquarius is your opposite sign, so you’re intently focused on spending quality time and treating others now. Your generosity comes back to you threefold near February 7. Conversations take unexpected turns on February 18.

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This month you are attracting friends and hookups, people who bring you pleasure, so make sure to make time for them. You’re going to be focused on your to-do list, but don’t forget that there is fun to be made. You surprise yourself with your adventurous curiosity and bravery when exploring the heights of your intimacy on February 2, making a discovery that encourages you to incorporate your new favorite toy into your daily routine.

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Aquarius season is all about your intellectual entertainment and pleasure. You can sweet-talk your way into anything near January 22—your optimism will have no limits. Freaky surprises happen in your bedroom on the 23rd, initiating a period of cerebral turn-ons, as you seek new ways to enjoy life. Own up to a “guilty pleasure” on the 4th. This is all is going to happen from the comfort of your home, so don’t forget to make the bed.

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Home entertainment is your Aquarius season prescription. Revisit your most cherished memories, reminiscing on the activities you’ve enjoyed in the past, and find what you’d like to give them another try: how would you do it differently this time? An urge to release dormant aggression arrives on February 1st, so be mindful that it manifests as passion and not malice, otherwise your partner will be rightfully aggravated, giving you their passive aggressive grief after the 14th.

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A sparkling beam of optimism and affection comes on January 22 making you even more generous than usual. You liberally adorn yourself until February 3 when you remember your bank account. During Aquarius season you’re interested in learning more about what makes other people tick, research that can only help you master the art of seduction. Plan to have a discussion with someone special near February 3 and February 7 to tap into what inspires them.

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Your assertion can be incredibly intimidating, so be mindful to intimidate the right people in the right way. Avoid over-aggression near February 1. You have a supernatural ability now to look and feel like a million bucks while minding your budget, it’s one of your strengths. With sweet Venus in Capricorn starting February 3, you’re more in touch with contemporary twists on timeless styles that make you feel beautiful. Beauty is your power.

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By Randon Rosenbohm of The Serpent Cast.

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