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Sexscopes for Cancer Season

Sexscopes for Cancer Season

Cancer season begins on June 21! When was the last time you 69’d? Don’t remember? Us neither! But perhaps give it a whirl in honor of this sign’s glyph. Try not to get crabs (definitely a Cancer season pun, but really though, safe sex is important!). Action planet Mars begins its retrograde on June 26—what was hard may now be soft as Mars limps backward through the zodiac. Luckily, dildos retain their form. A full moon in Capricorn on June 28 brings a climax, but also asks us to get serious. Mercury enters Leo on June 29—be loud and proud about communicating your needs! Venus enters earth sign Virgo on July 9—people will be picky! A solar eclipse lands on July 12 in Cancer: Get ready for the waterworks! Or, if you’re just really horny, pack plenty, plenty of lube.


It’s your season, Cancer! Knowing you, you’ve baked plenty of cakes and cooked lots of dinners for your loved ones to celebrate, but dear crab, it’s time someone spoils you! Sometimes, busy crabs get so busy taking care of everyone around them that they forget to stop and think: What do I want? What do I need? What do my perfect home, perfect relationship, and ideal sex and love life look like? It’s your season; put down the tools and give yourself what you want.

Mars retrograde, which begins June 26, finds you working through tough emotions. If you’re having a hard time letting go of the past, don’t beat yourself up. Letting go of the past doesn’t mean forgetting it forever, it just means opening yourself up to the new experiences that await you. It’s hard to enjoy the now when the past is always in your mind. The full moon in Capricorn on June 28 brings about a climax that’s been building in one of your relationships. Crabs love to sidestep, but with this planetary energy, your time spent avoiding is up. Remember: What do you want? Is it time to finally end things or get over your fear of commitment?

Mercury enters Leo on June 29, finding you in a spending mood. Perhaps by stretching yourself too thin, you’ve forgotten to treat yourself or your relationship, so why not treat yourself to something that both you and your partner can enjoy, such as Luz De La Riva Stella Massage Oil? It sounds like you could use a massage, honestly.

Venus in Virgo on July 9 finds you valuing partners with solid communication skills  and a down to earth, practical vibe. If you’ve been planning a weekend getaway, perhaps skip an expensive vacation for a laid-back romantic trip in the woods. Outdoor sex, anyone? A solar eclipse arrives in your sign July 12, marking a crucial time for you to release negative emotional patterns that no long serve you. Cancers hate to admit when they’re wrong, but if you never do, you’ll just have to relive the same pain over and over. It’s time to create a new beginning around how you interface with the world. One more time, for the cheap seats in the back: What do you want? To be single and free? To relax and enjoy love? Now is the time to face your truth and live it.


Leo sign

Welcome to Cancer season, glamorous lion. Despite your usual love of attention, Cancer season finds you in a private mood. Slap the do not disturb sign on your doorknob to stay in and get weird with your partner, lovers, or yourself. Mars retrograde, which begins June 26, finds things slowing down in your relationships. Don’t panic; they can always pick back up, perhaps you all need some time for reflection and self-care, which is crucial to any healthy relationship. And luckily, you can always increase the speed of your vibrator. If you find yourself feeling too distant from your partner, kindly let them know. Relationships are easy, but communication is so difficult, and communication is the crux of any partnership. But you must let how you’re feeling off your chest.

The full moon in Capricorn on June 28 push you to get reorganized and to clean up. Leos love to look good (and it comes easily to them) how is your beauty cabinet looking? If it needs some extra sparkle, treat yourself to jewelry such as gold Venus earrings. Mercury enters Leo, your sign, on June 29, finding you eager to express yourself. Share your wants, needs, and insecurities, but don’t forget to ask your partner about theirs, as well.

Venus enters Virgo on July 9, so you may feel pressure to get real about issues concerning cash. You want a partner who spoils you—but not one who is stupid about money! The downside of being a grown-up is that we have to talk about such things. Perhaps you have a daddy who is being too stingy, or maybe you have a partner who is spending on overload. Whatever your balance, be ready to talk money (even more uncomfortable than talking sex!). The solar eclipse in Cancer on July 12 is mega intense emotionally—emotions you have been suppressing come bubbling to the surface. Ruh-roh. But better now than ever, if you don’t talk about the tough stuff at some point, it will never go away. But make sure to catch up on rest during this period, so remember sometimes your bed is good for sleep as well as sex.


virgo sign

Cancer season is here, Virgo, and you’re busy socializing with your friends, chosen family, or poly family. Do you have an unfulfilled group sex fantasy? Turn it into a reality, just stock up on condoms, such as Unbound Party Hat condoms, because Virgos can get anxious if sex isn’t safe. Mars retrograde starts on June 26; this is a crucial time for you to reflect on themes concerning your day job, as well as self-care. You’re working hard, but are you taking care of yourself, so you can maintain full speed ahead? Take a night in to rest, meditate, and masturbate.

The full moon in Capricorn on June 28 lights up a highly creative and very flirtatious sector of your chart. Are you happy with your current couplings? If so, send your boo some flirty messages to remind them how much you care. If you’re feeling a need to branch out, it’s okay to go ahead and text someone new to help you let go of the past.

Mercury enters Leo on June 29, finding you sharing dirty little secrets. Perhaps you’ve been on a few dates with someone and are beginning to feel comfortable enough to exchange fantasies. Venus enters your sign, Virgo, on July 9! Venus wants you to be happy. Venus says that you deserve all the love and money that you want. Sometimes we self-sabotage ourselves from receiving the abundance we deserve, by believing that we’re not worth it. You are. Use this time to write a list of reasons you rock, or any other ritual that helps you realize your worth and boost your self-esteem. Venus commands you to!

The solar eclipse in Cancer on July 12 is a doozy for everyone, so expect lots of feelings and tears. And yes, this means you, too. You’re a grounded, logical person, so it’s not like you to cry your eyes out, but crying is healthy for you, Virgo, so let it out! If you don’t cry it out, all those sad insecurities will stay inside of you, and we want to flush them away. Emotional releases are painful, but often reveal deep truths, which will help you get in touch with your intuition and trust your gut. Listen to yours, Virgo, it’s trying to tell you something.


libra sign

Hey Libra, Cancer season is here. Cancer can be the homebody of the zodiac, which, despite your love for socializing, you’re chill with, as you are currently quite focused on your career. However, everyone knows that Libras go insane when they’re not getting attention and laid, so carve in time for romance, as sex makes you more productive.

Mars retrograde starts on June 26, so the vibe may be a little limp and your partner's acting deflated, literally or metaphorically. You don’t need another human to get laid, so consider investing in a rock hard dildo, such as the Unbound Gem glass dildo. The full moon in Capricorn on June 28 brings a situation concerning your home or family to a climax. Are people crowding you? Stake out your personal space and ask others to respect those boundaries. Mercury enters Leo the next day on June 29 putting you in a social mood. So leave your lovely nest for a hot date or play party.  

Venus enters Virgo on July 9, finding you in a shier mood about flirting than usual, which Libras aren’t used to. When you do hook up with someone, you’ll be eager to know all the kinky secrets they keep. Sometimes it’s easier to share after someone else has gone first, so ask your lover to tell you their secrets and you may find yourself feeling more at ease to share your feelings. The solar eclipse in Cancer on July 12 is emotionally intense as it finds you reaching new heights in your career, or in your public life in general (Libras are so popular!). Make sure you’re dating people who aren’t threatened by how bright you shine.


scorpio sign

Cancer season is here, and you’re in an adventurous mood! Sex on the beach is cliché and sand can hurt. How about sneaking into the bathroom at a party to get it on? Having secrets is hot, such as "We just did it in your bathroom and you have no idea." Mars retrograde starts on June 26, and you’re reflecting on your boundaries. Is someone treating you like shit and you’ve just accepted it as normal? It’s time to let them go. If you feel securely loved, but discussions are in the air about trying a new sexual fantasy, take time to reflect on your boundaries and create a safe word with your partner before taking things to the next level.

The full moon in Capricorn on June 28 brings big news your way. An unresolved issue that’s been keeping you down will finally come to a close. Remember, you’re the sign of death and rebirth, and know how to survive. Unless this resolution is that someone is finally going to give you what you deserve, let them go. It may sting for a bit, but you’ll rise from the ashes stronger and more powerful than ever. You may end up reentering sexual sides of yourself that you’ve blown off for the sake of a bad relationship.

Mercury enters Leo on June 29, finding you schmoozing with all sorts of influential people. Remember, you’re a sex goddess. If you need something to help remind you, wear some bling, such as a Magnifique Collar from Bijoux Indiscrets. Venus enters Virgo on July 9 so expect to do lots of socializing. Make sure to masturbate, think of it as taking your medicine, to keep your head in the game. As much as you like to shine, over-socialization can also exhaust secretive Scorpios, but orgasms can help keep you powered. The solar eclipse in Cancer on July 12 finds you exploring new frontiers. As much as you love companionship, you’re a sign that is known for your individuality. What far our sexual fantasy is it time for you to finally try?


Sagittarius sign

Cancer season is here and you’re in a super intense mood, horny Sag. But you can direct that fiery energy towards a good cause. This is a fab time to focus on your sex life and the intimacy level between you and your partners.

Mars retrograde stars on June 26, finding you reflecting on communication. Are your needs being met? Maybe you just want more sex, or to experiment a bit. If you’re in a relationship and scared to broach the sensitive subject, always start such conversations with the angle that you’re looking to improve your relationship’s intimacy.

The full moon in Capricorn on June 28 is major for your finances. Expect a reward for all that hard work and feel free to treat yourself. Have you ever tried the one finger massage ring? It's jewelry you can wear as a statement, while having a massager attached to your hand. Mercury enters Leo on June 29, encouraging you to do what you love to do: Travel! Explore! Learn! That massage ring only cost $34; regardless of your finances, allow a cheap camping weekend or a week away in Europe. Go exploring and get out of town. Sagittarius thrives on new experiences.

Venus enters Virgo on July 9 finding you focusing on your reputation, and you’re eager to impress at your job. Perhaps you finally got some recognition, and now you’re experiencing a bout of imposter’s syndrome or pressure to keep up the good work. Manage stress by keeping stable relationships in your love life, so don’t space out on returning texts or forgetting date night. Finally, the solar eclipse in Cancer on July 12 is major for your sex life. Expect to come your face off and feel closer to your partner(s) than you have in some time.


Capricorn sign

Cancer season is here, Capricorn, and your focus is on your relationships! What better way to get closer than taking a break from work (we know, you hate to do that) and spending a weekend away from Wi-Fi with your partner, or favorite fuck buddy.

Mars retrograde starts on June 26 and it’s a crucial time to think about where you are putting your time, energy and money. Even if you enjoy it, all work and no play can make life feel underwhelming. You deserve fun. Invest in a couple’s sex toy, such as the Je Joue vibrating cock ring.

The full moon in your sign, Capricorn, on June 28 finds you making significant realizations about your needs. Will your life just never be all it’s meant to be if you don’t have that threesome? Are you tired of the poly life, and want to try monogamy, but are afraid of losing your community? Well, ticktock, times up. Express your needs and go after them before they turn into little demons weighing down on you. The day after, Mercury enters Leo on June 29 encouraging you to talk about whatever is weighing on your mind. Be bold, strong water goat. People tend to be more receptive than you think.

Finally, Venus enters Virgo on July 9 finding you in an adventurous mood! It’s unlike you to have sex on the beach, Capricorn–you are too practical for sand up your butt. Instead try some outdoor shower sex, or do it in the park (just try to not get arrested, please). Whatever you do sexually, it’s going to bring you closer to your partner, as the solar eclipse in Cancer on July 12 is major for your relationships. Enjoy the good vibes.

unbound babes


Aquarius sign

Cancer season is here Aquarius! Cancer is a nurturing sign—how do you manage your self-care? You know what you like and what gets you off, and tend to stick to it, but perhaps it’s time to try something new. Aquarians love to be different, even if you have a set masturbation routine. How about giving a toy such as the Je Joue G-Kii a go? The curved toy offers both clitoral and g-spot stimulation and is just the ticket if you’ve been curious about exploring squirting, little water-bearer.  

Mars retrograde starts on June 26, and it’s in your sign, Aquarius! Was there something you wanted to do but just haven’t had a chance yet? Is there a creative project, be it the launch of a new Instagram account, a book of poetry, or even a YouTube channel that you’ve been putting off? Now is the time. Just be careful not to push yourself too much, as the full moon in Capricorn on June 28 finds you exhausted and emotional. Make time for yourself. Don’t forget to sleep, eat, and masturbate.

Mercury enters Leo on June 29 creating busy energy in your relationships. It may seem like everything is happening at once. Be it moving in with a partner, meeting the parents, or simply realizing how serious you are about a commitment; it’s a fabulous time to talk about hard topics. This energy continues when Venus enters Virgo on July 9 encouraging you to talk about hard topics gracefully. Take the edge off all those relationship talks and celebrate the solar eclipse in Cancer on July 12 by having an oral sex marathon.


pisces sign

Welcome to Cancer season, fellow water sign, dear Pisces. Cancer is ruled by nurturing mother moon and you’re feeling romantic as fuck. However, have you been casting your net in the right place? If nothing seems to be sticking in your love life, look at the people you’re chasing. Real talk: Are they right for you, or is there someone else you’re overlooking?

Mars retrograde starts on June 26, so as much as Cancer season finds you eager to party, it’s also super important that you slow down and take some time to yourself. Regardless of the state of your love life, don’t forget to masturbate. Lube isn’t just for partnered sex; it makes solo sex better for all genders and genitals, so stock up on some Good Clean Love Almost Naked Lubricant.

The full moon in Capricorn on June 28 whips up drama in your social life. Sex makes everyone feel better, but if there’s petty drama in your social circle about who slept with you, don’t be afraid to remove yourself. Remember, Pisces, there’s plenty of fish in the sea, so consider looking for partners outside of your comfort zone. Mercury enters Leo on June 29 finding you eager to get organized. When was the last time you cleaned your sex toys?

Get ready for some good news: Venus enters Virgo on July 9 bringing lovely vibes to your relationships! Quit worrying about coming off as clingy and tell your partner or date how much you appreciate them; it’s okay to celebrate beautiful things happening. The solar eclipse in Cancer on July 12 is a massively creative time for you, but also highly emotional. If intense feelings about your relationships and intimacy arise, it’s okay to take your time and figure out your feelings before discussing them. Just don’t ghost or ignore texts, that’s rude. Tell your partner you’re going through some stuff, but care about them and will be in touch soon.


aries sign

Cancer season is here, Aries, and you’re in the mood to spend time with your nearest and dearest. Romantic or platonic, you’re at your strongest with an inner circle that you can trust, and you deserve nothing less than people who respect you and have your back. Start a group chat with everyone worthy to hit the beach and eat some barbecue. Love abounds for you in many ways during Cancer season.

Perhaps the nice loving feelings have you in nesting mode, as you’re eager to freshen up your home, too. Get some new sheets and throw anything with bad memories out. Mars (your ruling planet!) retrograde starts on June 26 in Aquarius, which will find you rethinking who you want to associate with. Have any members of your inner circles revealed their true nature lately, and it’s not a kind one? Snip them out. Or maybe you’re just bored and ready for some variety, so try a new kink or sex party.

The full moon in Capricorn on June 28 is big for your career! Mark this day on your calendar and masturbate to help calm your nerves. Use a toy you’ve never tried before–how about the Nuo vibrating butt plug? Mercury enters Leo on June 29 finding you flirtatious as hell, eager to party and to express yourself creatively. Up for a karaoke night? Or, you could just have your friends over so you can brag about your accomplishments and show off your imagination in the bedroom with the lucky lover who stays after everyone else has gone home.

Venus enters Virgo on July 9, finding you reorganizing your closet and treating yourself to a spa day. We often feel guilty for spending money on things such as massages or sex toys, but remember, a well-cared for you means a more productive you, in both your professional and personal life. These few days in a row are an important time for self-care, as the solar eclipse in Cancer on July 12 brings up deep feelings, and like a crab, you may want to retreat to your shell to process them all. Bring a vibrator with you.


taurus sign

Cancer season is here, beautiful bull, and you’re busy socializing! You’re in a chattier mood than usual. Now is a good time to talk about what you want in bed. Tauruses are often kinky, but you may have been feeling shy about disclosing a kink to your partner, which can be intimidating. Right now, the stars are in your favor; people will be ready and eager to participate.

Outside of the bedroom, Mars retrograde starts on June 26, finding you reconsidering your career path. Clear your head by masturbating. Seriously, it’s like taking a Xanax; you should always masturbate before making major decisions. If you have a clitoris, try the Fin finger vibrator from Dame products.  

The full moon in Capricorn on June 28 finds you realizing some profound truths. Like, if you’re a kinky slut, which is a rad thing to be, does your dating life allow you to be the beautiful free bull you were born to be? If not, consider some lifestyle changes, but remember it’s okay to prioritize you.

Mercury enters Leo on June 29 finding you connecting with your loved ones and family, and busily sprucing up your home. Don’t forget to organize your medicine cabinet–yes, we’re mind readers, and yes, we know that you’ve been putting it off. Stock up on some post-play wipes from Sustain to stay fresh after sex.

Venus enters Virgo on July 9 finding you especially flirtatious! You’re in the mood to party, wear a sexy outfit. Taurus enjoys luxury, so lean into this, and put on your favorite outfit that makes you feel the best about yourself, and you’ll surely attract some attention.

The solar eclipse in Cancer on July 12 is again a crucial time for communication. Masturbate to help you clear your mind and connect with your inner voice (yes, this self-care tip is so important that we had to include it twice).


gemini sign

Aww, Gemini you’re last on the list! But not last in our hearts. 2018 is the year of the Gemini, did you hear? You’re in, and there’s good news for you this Cancer season. You’re focused on cash, which is headed your way, so splurge and get yourself a fancy sex toy. Have you tried the Unbound Squish?

Mars retrograde starts on June 26 in Aquarius, which will find you in a philosophical mood—you’ve always been a thinker, Gemini. Reflect on relationship formats. Are you currently in the one that is best suited to your rambunctious nature? Geminis are always in search of their twin, but for some people, that may mean more than one.

The full moon in Capricorn on June 28 is major for your intimate relationships. As difficult as turning down a big fabulous party can be for you, tonight is an ideal night to stay in with your partner(s), make love and share secrets. Especially if your schedule has been crazy lately, tonight is the night to slow down and get intimate.

Mercury enters Leo on June 29, bringing news your way. Plenty of talk is going on around you! Leo is fierce and knows how to get what it wants, so use this energy to ask for what you want in bed. Finally, Venus, the planet of love and abundance, enters Virgo on July 9 finding you in a domestic mood. Our surroundings do affect our spirits, and a filthy home isn’t always sexy (save the dirt for dirty talk) so use this time to tidy up your surroundings, then invite a hottie over. Finally, the solar eclipse in Cancer on July 12 is major both for your finances and for self-esteem. While in a perfect world, love conquers all, it’s usually easier to date when we’re feeling good about ourselves (and able to afford to take someone out to dinner). So, splurge on the date night of your dreams.

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