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Sexscopes for Cancer Season (June 21 to July 22)

Sexscopes for Cancer Season (June 21 to July 22)

Welcome to Cancer season 2019, spanning from June 21 to July 22. The cardinal water sign of the solstice is not afraid to make the first move once they feel secure enough to be emotionally vulnerable. Cancer is ruled by the moon, and always contains eclipses, an astrologically divine force of nature brings about irreversible change. The eclipses are on July 2 and 16. As transformational as Cancer season 2019 is, there is plenty of lighthearted fun and potential for deep, authentic connection, as we cut through the bullshit and come out of the other side wiser and more vibrant.


You’re coming to terms with your personal boundaries and learning how to say no, standing up for yourself, and for your partners as well. The new moon eclipse in Cancer on 2 July pushes you towards your path as you take a step in the right direction. There is no need to force anything. Stand your ground firmly, but let go of trying to control other people (unless they’re into it). You can only control yourself.

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Illustration of Leo astrological symbol

This year’s eclipses find you hard at work, cleaning up after last year’s action-packed summer. You accept things that are outside of your control but feel empowered to work on the things that you can do routinely. Mercury retrograde, 7 July to 31, finds you doing a lot of self-work through meditation, listening to your thoughts, and understanding what parts of yourself you really want to share with other people. Make a yuck/yum list.

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Illustration of Virgo astrological symbol

These eclipses find you letting go of things that used to bring you pleasure, changing your mind about how you date and socialize, and finding new ways of connecting with the world and sharing your joy. Mercury retrograde is a perfect time for you to spend alone, or in a rehabilitative place where you can really listen to your inner voice. Listen to yourself! Truth is revealed on 21 July, when the sun meets Mercury.

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Illustration of Libra astrological symbol

These eclipses are major for you, Libra. Witness the ways in which you connect to the world at large. Let yourself change your career, your brand, whatever it is that the public knows you for, as you accept and evolve towards a more authentic version of your highest self. It’s important for you to set up healthy boundaries between the internet and your personal life. A sweet public image but a spicy bedroom politic? Hot.

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Illustration of Scorpio astrological symbol

You’re asserting yourself and making moves in your legacy. Be proud of everything you do, and you will be recognized for all of your efforts. The eclipses find you branching out, expanding your horizons and pushing towards new ideas. This Mercury retrograde can make it feel like you’re reconsidering things when it comes to your career. Progress is not a straight line. You’re moving, even if you have to try a few times.

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Illustration of Sagittarius astrological symbol

Cancer season is more chill for you than most signs, Sagittarius, although, a lot of people around you are going through it. The eclipses bring you to re-conceptualize your relationship to your finances, as other people help you along your way to stability. Have faith that eclipse transformations bring new growth. One of the sexiest, most fun weekends of the year is near 23 June. When Venus and abundant Jupiter face off, love flows over the top!

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Illustration of Capricorn astrological symbol

Come to terms with who you are and how you relate to others. Respect the changes that are happening. You are moving forward in your relationships, taking steps towards bonding that is caring and protective, during the new moon eclipse on July 2. At the same time, you are releasing parts of yourself that do not support you or do not function, during the full moon eclipse on July 16. Fortify your boundaries—respect your “no”.

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Illustration of Aquarius astrological symbol

Texts from an ex, or old partners, pop up as Mercury retrograde plunders through your house of relationships. Give yourself space and time to process the purpose they served in your life, and if you want to go ahead and get back together again, it’s on you to decide if it’s healthy or not. Plenty of fish in the sea—other people are eager to pursue you. Be smart about your schedule. Do you even have time?

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Illustration of Pisces astrological symbol

This year's eclipses are important for your sex and dating life Pisces. Pay attention to major changes or shifts when it comes to the things you enjoy in your love life, or even platonically, your social life. Eclipses are doors where people, opportunities, enter and leave, in a way that is unstoppable, and in this way, feels fated. At the end of Cancer season, old friends and dates pop back in to check in on you around July 19.

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Illustration of Aries astrological symbol

There is so much changing this year, so buckle up, Aries, and enjoy the ride. Shit happens, but at least there is plenty that you can celebrate and enjoy. Your planetary ruler, Mars, is in a very slutty, fun-loving sector of your chart, compelling you to put yourself out there and flirt with people. Connect with past dates, or old friends, during Mercury retrograde. Chase them down if you feel you must.

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Illustration of Taurus astrological symbol

Cancer season begins with a lot of fun, romance, and luxury. Once your planetary ruler, Venus, enters Cancer, you become more interested in how you conceptualize your values around love. You can surprise yourself with trying new things, experimenting a little bit, but you won’t get too wild, though. As Venus faces off with Saturn, you’re clear about your plans for the future and ready to do the research to support your most distant goals.

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Illustration of Gemini astrological symbol

Cancer season shines a light on your most prized possessions. Consider the things in your life that you truly value, and getting rid of the stuff that you really don’t need in order to make space for wealth and abundance. The full moon eclipse on July 16 reveals a tremendous, powerful transformation. You will come out of the other side feeling lighter and sexier, however introspective. Mercury retrograde, too, gives you much to think about.

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