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Sexscopes for Leo Season (July 22 to August 23)

Sexscopes for Leo Season (July 22 to August 23)

Leo season conjures theatrics, role-playing, gold-plated sex toys, and loyal connections in the lap of luxury. Ruled by the sun, Leo is the sign that loves to share themselves with the world. May it give you life.


It’s your time to shine, Leo, with more than enough opportunities to steal the show. High-energy Mars, the planet associated with knives, is in your sign from July 25 to August 18, so it’s astrologically appropriate to incorporate something for sensation play like Spike. Fetishes aside, you will be glowing and turning heads. Performance and high-drama can be paths to invigorate your dating life. Make sex appointments on July 25 as well as August 8 & 14.

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Illustration of Virgo sign symbol

Leo season is a time where Virgos lay low in preparation for their birthday. This includes spending enough time alone and recharging in order to meet the world with a mindful presence. You will have room for feeling yourself in solitude. If coupled, consider experimenting with isolation, being confined, or pretending to be held captive—Orion is perfect for this. Experimentation is welcome August 16, when your planetary ruler, Mercury, squares off with freaky Uranus.

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Illustration of Libra sign symbol

Your community is prominent during Leo season. If you’re single, now is the time to put yourself out there—you can meet someone online, or through a friend of a friend. If you’re polyamorous or non-monogamous you can find a new start within that dynamic during the new moon July 31, which has shining implications for your friendships! Socializing precedes getting laid, so a bold conversation starter, like Palma, is perfect for you, Libra.

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Illustration of Scorpio sign symbol

You’re trying new things when it comes to your relationships. Be conscious of changing your mind about public displays of affection, especially when Mercury clashes with Uranus on August 16. Try putting yourself out there and being brave when it comes to finding the relationship dynamic that works for you. You’re recognized and rewarded for your courage. Leo season is time to be proud of your strangeness. Glamorously flaunt your inner freak with Cleo Bangle Handcuffs.

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Illustration of Sagittarius sign symbol

It’s time to get outside and explore. Go places you’ve never been before. Expanding your horizons is something Sagittarius does best. Teach others and act as an inspiration through your enthusiasm for being yourself. You’ve been thinking about the direction you’re headed, but as Jupiter ends its retrograde, you’re ready to move on with your life. Travel is in your forecast, so a portable vibrator like the Zip Vibe can come along for the ride.

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Illustration of Scorpio sign symbol

Your life transforms during Leo season! Exciting changes are happening. It’s a time for sharing your wealth, or having others pamper you in return for the ways in which you’ve proven your loyalty. Whatever you need at this time, ask for it respectfully. Your romantic partners will be willing to provide! Try something different near August 2 as Venus clashes with Uranus. The Sea of Silicone Set includes a variety of toys to experiment with.

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Illustration of Aquarius sign symbol

It’s time to put your precious energy towards the important people in your life. Show them how much you adore them! If you’re single you can catch the attention of someone suitable. Just be clear with yourself about what you want in a relationship during the new moon on July 31. It’s time to treat others with playful and dramatic panache—theatrical Orion can help you take control while your partner basks in your attention.

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Illustration of Pisces sign symbol

You are so busy. You simply must make time for yourself. Pencil in a night or two where you can have fun getting familiar with your body and the things that feel best for you. Your physical health takes precedence now. Explore your body with Stellar, an internal and external massager, while you take a break from chasing your goals. You’ll be totally ready to tell your suitors exactly what feels best come Virgo season.

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Illustration of Aries sign symbol

Having sex and fun are the most important parts of Leo season for you, Aries, as the sun illuminates your house of dating and creativity. Turn your date nights into a performance by adding some dramatic flair to your sessions—the Nipple & Clit Clamp is functional costume jewelry perfect for Leo season. Expand your horizons, enthusiastically exploring new activities with your dates as your planetary ruler, Mars, harmonizes with lush Jupiter near July 25.

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Illustration of Taurus sign symbol

Welcome beauty into your home life. Purchasing pretty things, like the massage wand, Stellar, is a seasonally appropriate way to complete your collection of sex toys. Find something on August 8 when aesthetic Venus harmonizes with over-the-top Jupiter, a good shopping day. Just be careful with your budget, there is a temptation to splurge. Find glamorous jewelry and home decor that brings you joy, even if it’s just an item on a wishlist.

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Illustration of Gemini sign symbol

You have a thirst for knowledge—learning about yourself, your partners, and your closest friends. Playing with Truth or Dare cards is a handy way to get to know more about your chosen family. The things you learn can shock! Hidden information is uncovered as your planetary ruler, Mercury, clashes with the planet of surprises, Uranus, August 16. Leo season is an appropriate time to get on a new mental wavelength and focus on your agenda.

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Illustration of Cancer sign symbol

Leo season is about finding statement pieces that you can take pride in—like the Golden Whip Necklace. You are the queen of sentimental objects, so use this time to figure out what suits you best, during the new moon July 31, or what you’d prefer to give away as a gift, on the full moon August 15. You can find new connections with well-connected, resourceful people who you never thought you’d cross paths with throughout Leo season.

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Horoscopes by Randon Rosenbohm.

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