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Libra sign illustration

Sexscopes for Libra Season (September 23 to October 23)

With the sun, Venus, and Mercury in your sign, Libra, you’re attracting all the attention. With cosmic lover Mars in Virgo highlighting your dreams, fantasies, secrets, and ‘pleasures of the bed’, it’s the perfect time to deepen intimacy in a connection. Secret affairs could be in the cards; be honest with yourself and then things needn’t get messy. As sweet as you are on the outside, don’t be afraid to share your racier secret fantasies with a lover. Maybe surprise them in bed with the Harness, under your sweatshirt.


Illustration of Scorpio sign

With the sun, Venus and Mercury in Libra, it’s the perfect time to stay cuddled up with a partner sharing your dreams, secret fantasies, and desires. But with your ruler Mars in your social sector, balance intimacy with your need for freedom and socializing. The Venus earrings and Venus Bangle (for you or your date) would be perfect for a night on the town. If you’re flying solo, you could meet someone who embodies your fantasies. Keep your Party Hat condom pack and slip away early as the mood strikes.


Illustration of Sagittarius sign

With the sun, Venus and Mercury in Libra, you’re a social butterfly this season. Mars, the planet of sex, is in your professional sector, so expect opportunities to mix business with pleasure. Whip Libra season into shape with Tsk, and play out your steamiest workplace fantasies. Or try a body chain as the perfect accessory under a blazer for an instant day to night look; you’ll be ready to move seamlessly from the boardroom to evening festivities.


Illustration of Capricorn sign

With Venus, Mercury and the Sun in Libra, your public and career sector, you’re in the mood to be seen and strut your stuff. Unbound’s body chain can be the perfect accessory under your blazer for after-work events. Or the Golden Whip Necklace—even if you’re letting your hair down, you’re still the boss. Reignite passion with a lover on getaway, or fly solo to rediscover yourself. Who knows? Pack your Oh! To Go Bag or Train Case and you’ll be ready to go.


Illustration of Aquarius sign

With Venus, Mercury and the Sun in your travel and long-distance sector, pack your Train Case or Fanny Pack as you head off on your next sexcapade, with a partner or solo. With Mars in Virgo (the most sexual part of your chart), heightening pleasure, try the Clitoral Jolt Gel to stimulate intense ecstatic, sensational bliss.


Illustration of Pisces sign

You, Pisces, are a magician and this is definitely true in the bedroom. The Harness could be the perfect surprise underneath your everyday wear. Also, with the sun, Venus, and Mercury in the most sexual part of your chart, and Mars in your relationship sector, Ollie the 100% waterproof external wand vibrator would be a perfect way to wield your magic. Or, try Tether to keep you bound for hours of pleasure.


Illustration of Aries sign

A relationship is deepening with the planet of love and beauty, Venus, planet of communication Mercury, and the sun moving through your partnership sector. Whether this is a new connection, or an existing partner—what better way to say “I like-like you” than the Like-Like You Set? Or, try the Truth or Dare cards and put your fantasies on the table—regardless of how long you’ve known one other, you’ll learn something new.


Illustration of Taurus sign

With the sun, Mercury and Venus (your ruling planet) in Libra, life is busy, but there’s sexual healing on offer. Mars is in Virgo, spicing up your sex and love life. As busy as you are, get creative with your time, and schedule in some time for lovin’! Make time to get better acquainted with your own sexuality. Wear the Unbound Body Chain—after a long day at work, you’ll be ready for happy hour in no time. Or keep the Zip Vibe in your desk drawer for a quickie during your lunch break.


Illustration of Gemini sign

With the sun, Venus, and Mercury in Libra, the part of your chart that rules fun, adventure, spontaneity, sex, love, risks, and romance, you’re in a frisky, flirtatious, and sexual mood. Libra values honesty—The Truth or Dare set would the perfect way to break the ice and put your naughtiest fantasies on the table with a lover. Also, keep your Party Hat Condoms handy, and you’ll be prepared for spontaneous fun times. Sex party anyone?


Illustration of Cancer sign

With the sun, Venus and Mercury in Libra, your domestic sector and Mars in your communication sector, it’s the perfect time to lay low with a partner, whispering sweet nothings or dirty talk—depending on the mood. Are there places in your home you haven’t christened yet? Orion or Cuffies (when you want to get right down to it) would be perfect to lock you down for hours of pleasure in bed. Or try the Bean—it may be palm-sized, but offers larger-than-life pleasure.


Illustration of Leo sign

The sun, Venus and Mercury are in Libra, your communication sector and the part of your chart that rules your hands. When you aren’t whispering sweet nothings, let your hands do the talking. Show them off with the Venus ring or the Palma Vibrator ring—for pleasure on the go. Handcuffs could also be a fun way to keep you locked down for hours of pleasure.


Illustration of Virgo sign

With the sun, Venus, and Mercury in Libra, it’s the perfect time to deepen a significant bond with a partner and deepen your relationship with yourself. Mars is in Virgo, heightening your sex drive, passions, and desires. Why not give a gift card to show your appreciation and let your partner pick something you can both enjoy, or buy yourself something that brings out your gentle, sensual nature. The Unbound Body Chain could also be the perfect accessory to embrace and show off your body.

Horoscopes by Priya Kale.

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