Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac, connects us to all that is fluid and ethereal before a new life cycle begins on the equinox. With a super full moon in Virgo on February 19 and Venus connecting with power planet Pluto on February 22nd, Pisces season is nothing short of intense! The need to make space for future growth is amplified by Venus entering intergalactic Aquarius on March 1. The new moon on March 6 provides an ambitious springboard. Mercury retrograde begins March 5, preferring non-verbal communication, and bringing exes back into your DMs.



It’s your time to shine. The full moon on February 19 brings a partner closer to you. You will be exploring the depths of your relationship and indulging in power play near February 22nd. For the time being, you have a strengthened ability to communicate your boundaries and desires with grace. During Mercury retrograde (beginning March 5), you’ll be thinking about what you should have said, so you can bounce back with more flirting power.

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Pisces season finds you minding your own business as everything swirls around you. Things get really intense with your career near February 22, so blow off some steam in your bedroom. Staying in helps your wallet, since you’ll be compelled to spend your money on luxury items and won’t have extra. This is a quiet period for you, especially after March 6. Spend some time alone before your birthday, when you’ll be in high demand.

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The full moon on February 19 finds you enjoying your sensuality. Intense, transformative, and deepened romantic connection happens near February 22. Work picks up on March 1, inviting a pay increase. You begin a seven-year-long period of personal empowerment and growing into your own skin starting March 6. This is the same day as a sentimental new moon that opens you up to new groups who inspire you to be emotionally vulnerable and creative.

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Pisces season begins with a full moon that asks you to strike an appropriate work/home balance. Your planetary ruler, Mercury, goes retrograde on March 5, starting a period of remembering your past identities. Who you used to be, what you once allowed to have authority over you, is undeniably connected to the type of communication you require for any sort of openness to occur. You will get a clear understanding of your revised standards on March 14.

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Learn about the particular things you enjoy with the full moon in Virgo. This improved self-knowledge will pay off. As Pisces season progresses, you become confident and comfortable enough to evolve from a dedicated partner into someone who appreciates experimenting. Your self-exploration directs said experiments. To you, Pisces season is about expanding your horizons. Try to keep an open mind. During the Mercury retrograde, you’re bound to give things a second, or third, chance.

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For Leo and Leo rising, “Pisces” translates to intimacy. Avoid self-criticism during the Virgo full moon. Sit with any negative self-talk and work through it, affirming yourself. A refreshed perspective to your relationship dynamic and shared trust comes with the Pisces new moon, an excellent time to make note of your most intuitive fantasies. When Venus enters Aquarius, you are more privy to finding someone who can help you loosen up.

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The full moon in Virgo finds you balancing your needs and the needs of others, putting pressure on you to put yourself first. Your friends and partner(s) want you to be happy, just as much as it makes you happy to make them happy. A compromise: everyone gets to be happy! Things get much deeper with your dating life shortly after, triggering some surprise overnight stays. Mercury retrograde finds you reminiscing about old partners.

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Spend some quality alone time with yourself as Pisces season begins. Your relationship with yourself will only get deeper and more intensified as you work through inherited and deep-rooted trauma, inspiring you to let go of compulsively negative relationship patterns. The love you have for yourself is enough. Soon after you (hopefully) locate this remarkable stability, you will attract friendships which help you forget about all of the work piling up on your desk.

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Isn’t Pisces season just a heap of non-committal fun? Friendship, creativity, and happiness flow. You might be turning into a homebody, but that doesn’t mean you can’t invite people over to your place. Poorly timed past dates come back to give you a second chance during Mercury retrograde. The hookup of your wildest dreams is initiated with the new moon on March 6, setting a hard-to-beat standard for your dates to come.

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Pisces season kicks off with all eyes on you thanks to the Virgo full moon. Your presence is in high demand, but getting cozy home is more appealing. A thorough exploration of self-esteem issues is piqued on Feb 22nd, as you uncover your deep-rooted values. This lends some inspiration to experiment with new modes of self-expression. The Mercury retrograde digs up repressed memories, finding you poking around the endless possibilities of your past.

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The Virgo full moon finds you sharing your specific skillsets and techniques with others. Pisces season grounds your focus in learning about a vast range of topics. It’s a time for you to do some research about the endless ways you can connect with others, revisiting old experiences with refreshed perspective and inspiration. Make sure you share the power. March 6 begins Uranus in Taurus, a 7 year period of creative innovation.

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You’re in a position of abundance in love and friendship, so be generous! Your support system is remarkable. The full moon in Virgo finds you bending over backward for your partners, going the extra mile to please as you’re sensitive to the needs of others. The Sun in Pisces puts your faith in yourself, Venus in Aquarius adds an extra sparkle to your smile, and Mercury retrograde helps you find something you thought was lost forever.

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By Randon Rosenbohm of The Serpent Cast.


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