Light a candle and a joint, because not only is it 4/20, it’s the first full day of Taurus season! For a sign that loves to lay around and luxuriate, this year’s Taurus season, which officially starts the night of the 19th, is actually going to be busy with big changes: Most notably, Uranus, the planet of freedom and innovation (and, according to the Serpent Sluts, sex toys, thanks to this planet’s association with electricity) enters Taurus on the same day as the new moon in Taurus on May 15. Talk about a revolution in sensual delight! 

So much more takes place, too, so look at your calendar now to schedule some nights in for bubble baths and waterproof masturbation, so you don’t find yourself spread too thin. Venus enters dirty talk-loving Gemini on April 24. Use this time to remember that discussing boundaries and what you like in bed can be hotter than the sun. And a full moon in sexy, mysterious Scorpio lands on April 29, which will have you getting in touch with your shadow self by facing your own sexual truths. To top it off, Mercury enters Taurus on May 13, action planet Mars enters humanitarian Aquarius on May 16, and Venus enters nurturing Cancer on May 19. What will all of this planetary action mean for you? Read your sexscope below:


Happy birthday, Taurus! If you’re a Taurus who enjoys weed (as many of you cute cows do) light up to celebrate the start of your season. Shortly after 4/20, on April 24th, sexy Venus enters Gemini. This is good news for your romantic partnerships, especially if gift giving (or receiving) is your love language. Presents are coming your way. Since Gemini is the twins and a sign of partnership, try a toy that you and your partner can enjoy together. If you’re single, be your own partner–that totally counts. Taureans can’t go wrong with the wearable finger Fin vibrator from Dame Products, and it’s a toy that all bodies and erogenous zones can enjoy.

Partnership is going to be a huge topic during the full moon in Scorpio on April 29. Secrets will be revealed. Don’t panic; this doesn’t mean bad secrets, it could just mean that your partner shares a sexual fantasy with you. Full moons are a wonderful time to try something intense in bed. Are you ready to explore new depths, emotional or physical, with your partner? Mercury enters your sign on May 13 bringing more confident oomph: Use this energy to ask for what you want in bed.

A new moon in your sign arrives on May 15, which happens to the same day that Uranus enters your sign, too! Talk about a major revolution in your life around freedom. New moons are clearing, so if there are unhealthy relationships that need to bounce, this may be the time. Or, if you’re happily partnered, you may find yourself entering into a new chapter of trust within your relationship. Taurus season ends on some bold notes; Mars enters Aquarius on May 16, you’re going to be busy at work. Take out any extra stress in a healthy and consensual manner and be the boss in bed, too, by ordering your partner to go down on you. Hey, orgasms help with stress relief, right? Venus enters Cancer on May 19, so try out some breast play by giving and receiving a relaxing chest massage (we all hold a lot of tension in this area, so why not upgrade second base by turning it into a grown-up rub down?). If you enjoy more intense stimulation, explore nipple pinching and biting.



Hey, twins. Venus enters your sign on April 24, and you’re feeling cute as hell. Geminis are often great artists, and dressing well is absolutely an art. Now would be a great time to try out some glamour magick, so start experimenting and don’t feel bad about taking as long as you want to dress up for a date. Speaking of getting ready rituals, self-care is majorly important during the full moon in Scorpio on April 29. It’s also a great time to give up a bad habit. Should said bad habit be smoking or having sex with an ex that always bums you out, help yourself knock it off by de-stressing with an Unbound Bean vibrator. You should expect to be busy at work during this time, so buzz one out before going to bed to help calm down from the day.  

Along with masturbating, journaling is an exercise in self-care that’s good for both your love life and mental health. When Mercury enters Taurus on May 13, you’re feeling encouraged to explore hidden parts of yourself. And no, we don’t just mean trying out some extreme penetration (although, go for it). On a more PG note, keep a dream diary and see what you can glean from your sex dreams. Are you having nightmares reminding you that there’s still trauma from past relationships to work through, or are you having psychic sex dreams about your future boo? Journaling will help you glean clarity.  

A new moon in Taurus arrives on May 15, which is the same day that electric Uranus enters this sign, too—you’re super logical, Gemini, but now it’s time to really trust your intuition. For those of us who can be too cerebral for our own good, we sometimes need some help, so celebrate impending 4/20 by breaking out some bud with a high CBD ratio. Mars enters Aquarius on May 16, putting you in an adventurous mood—try that kink you’ve been curious about. Not a smoker? Sexual exploration can flood our brains with endorphins just like happy buds. This season wraps up as Venus enters Cancer on May 19. Cancer loves the home and cozy date nights in, so bake for yourself or a partner. Are you feeling extra kinky, and want something more out there than a homemade meal? Have extra fun by sploshing, a.k.a. sitting on your treat! Your partner can lick it off.


Cancer sign

Venus enters Gemini on April 24, finding you in a shier mood than usual, dear crab, but that doesn’t mean you’re any less horny! Ask a friend to set you up on a date, or send an anonymous love note to a crush. The full moon in fellow water sign Scorpio on April 29 will be majorly sexy and transformative, and your creative powers will be magnified. This is also a powerful time to let go of the past. 

Mercury enters Taurus May 13, and you’re finally going to be in a social mood again. This is the perfect time to go out on that blind date your friend set up, or reveal to your crush that you’re the one behind the love notes. Cancers are the low-key party animals of the Zodiac, so if you want something more intense, hit up a sex party! Do you like sex in public? As a Cancer, you may love getting it on around other people, even if you only make out or have sex with the person you came with. If it’s a sex party or simply a mega-hot date, stock up on some Sustain Postplay Wipes.

A new moon in Taurus cums on May 15, along with Uranus entering Taurus, bringing about a big change in your social life. You may find yourself socially or politically inspired, so look into what you can do to help a sex-positive cause, such as sex worker’s or reproductive rights, both which are under attack at the moment. Mars enters Aquarius on May 16, putting you in an intense mood. Take time to meditate, or smoke some weed and masturbate to chill out, before having any serious conversations. If the energy of this time is utilized thoughtfully, this communicative period can enhance intimacy with a partner and level up a relationship. Venus enters your sign on May 19; you’re feeling beautiful! Have a sexy portrait taken or treat yourself to a spa day.



Venus enters social butterfly sign Gemini on April 24, inspiring you to go on some group dates, or hit up a sex party or two. Have you and your partner been toying with the idea of creating a couple’s Tinder account, or prowling around FetLife? Now is the time. The full moon in Scorpio on April 29 will find you processing powerful emotions. Talk to your partner about after care, safe words, and boundaries. Such talk doesn’t have to be unsexy and formal. Trust us, going over what you like and don’t enjoy in the bedroom is a powerful form of dirty talk.  

Chatty Mercury enters Taurus May 13 finding you busy at work. Get some luxury underwear to wear under your power suit. Even if only you see it; you’ll feel its power. Or, go full-sparkle with some sexy pasties from Bijoux Indiscrets. Make sure to mark May 15 down in your calendar; a new moon in Taurus arrives on this day, plus, Uranus enters this sign, too, which will mark a major turning point for you professionally and in the public eye. Venus enters Cancer on May 19, when a secret affair may be on the menu. Or, if honesty is your kink, perhaps you’ll just get off on this kind of role play! Just because you don’t want to sleep with your boss or doctor in real life doesn’t mean you can’t pretend with a consensual partner.



Venus enters Gemini on April 24, and you’re feeling popular. Soak up all that attention, Virgo! You deserve it. Use the confidence gathered during this time to remind yourself that you deserve all the love and success you desire; Venus wouldn’t have it any other way. Important information comes to light during the full moon in Scorpio on April 29. Are you getting what you want out of your relationship and in the bedroom? You can’t fault your partner for not being a mind-reader, so make sure to communicate your needs. Expressing what you want is hot. Remember: confidence is sexy.  

Mercury enters Taurus, an earth sign like you, on May 13, putting you in a very curious mood, eager to try new things: Have you tried prostate and anal play? If it’s something you’re curious about, invest in an anal toy such as the Je Joue vibrating butt plug. Regardless of your bum-perience, everyone should responsibly prep for butt stuff with toys. Use fingers first, and plenty of lube.

A new moon in Taurus lands on May 15, plus Uranus will enter Taurus too, so expect to go on some fantastic adventures! If you have the time and means, take a romantic getaway. Mars enters Aquarius on May 16, encouraging you to focus on self-care, so go somewhere relaxing like a cozy Airbnb where you can indulge in a nice long bath. Venus enters Cancer on May 19, putting you in a social mood once again, and you’ll come back from your getaway feeling refreshed. Invite a few friends over for spin the bottle, or a game of truth or dare. If it turns into an orgy, don’t say we didn’t warn you.



Venus, the goddess who says you deserve all the love and wealth in the world, enters Gemini on April 24. Splurge (Libras love to splurge) and take a trip with a lover. Enjoying a solo lifestyle? Go on a vacation by yourself. Tbh, you’ll probably have more fun anyways. Just don’t forget your favorite sex toy!

The full moon in Scorpio April 29 on is an intense one, encouraging you to confront issues you have around sex self-esteem. Libras, the sign of balance, don’t always like to admit that they deal with insecurities. They’re represented by scales, rather than a living thing like most other signs. But on this full moon in Scorpio, as an investigative sign that loves truth, ask yourself what you’re afraid of in bed and why. To love and connect yourself, regardless of your relationship status, spend a night in with a waterproof sex toy, such as the Je Joue Aqua Pebble.

Mercury enters Taurus on May 13, it’s time for you to get something off your chest. Is your partner still talking to an ex, and it’s absolutely driving you mad? Go ahead and tell them, enough annoyances. A new moon in Taurus plus Uranus entering Taurus finds you embarking on a journey—it’s scary to take this first leap, but huge transformations will take place. If you’re single, expect a personal breakthrough around what you need right now. If you’re coupled, get ready to level up that relationship, or if it’s not working, to confidently walk away.

Mars enters Aquarius on May 16, which should be a raunchy and fun time for you. Did you know that Libra is the sign that rules the buttocks? Perhaps it’s time for some spanking! Venus enters Cancer on May 19, finding good vibes flowing at work, so there will be plenty of reason to celebrate.



Venus enters Gemini on April 24, putting you in an intense mood—but what’s new? If you’re a stoner Scorpio, continue on the 4/20 party and unwind with some cannabis or a glass of red wine. If you’re feeling like using your stinger, but know you just need to unleash some energy, try vigorous sex rather than snapping at someone (unless they deserve it, of course). Wear a Golden Whip Necklace to get in touch with your stinger in a sexy way.  

You’re one of the fiercest signs in the zodiac, and that’s what makes you so sexy. A full moon in your sign arrives April 29—this is major for you making demands in your relationships, but also to connect with yourself. When was the last time you looked at yourself down there? Take a squat, grab a mirror and take a peak… happy full moon, indeed! Scorpios aren’t grossed out by bodies, they find period blood hot, so prepare to be turned on by what you see.

Mercury enters Taurus May 13, opening communication in your partnerships. You love the truth, Scorpio, but usually you’re more fond of prying it out of other people than sharing your own secrets with others. A new moon in Taurus plus Uranus enters Taurus on May 15, which will be major for your partnerships. However, to receive you have to give, so practice some meditation, calm down, and get ready to communicate. Mars enters Aquarius on May 16, encouraging you to handle business around your home. Perhaps pick up some sex furniture, or new silk sheets for you and your partner(s) to get messy. Finally, at the end of Taurus season, Venus enters Cancer on May 19, putting you in an adventurous mood. Go to the beach and make out with a cutie in your element, water.



Venus enters Gemini on April 24, bringing good vibes to your relationships. You love a good time, Sag, so celebrate the stars in your favor by dusting some Bijoux Indiscrets Bling Bling Body Powder all over. You know the best way to remove it? Making love and transferring all that glitter over to your partner.

After your glamorous fuck fest, the full moon in Scorpio on April 29 will find you needing to catch up on rest. Some extra time alone couldn’t hurt, too. So, if you’re in a relationship, lovingly tell your partner to bug off and catch up on your favorite TV shows or get yourself off. You can appear confident and the life of the party, but you’re quite intelligent, and that over-active mind leaves you vulnerable to catastrophic thinking. When Mercury enters Taurus May 13, it’s time to break negative thinking patterns.

The new moon in Taurus on May 15 is major for you to get reorganized. A big change in your routine is coming thanks to Uranus entering Taurus on May 15—make sure your routine still includes your favorite sexual activities. Is there something that you used to enjoy that has been put on the back burner due to time or relationship restraints? Mars enters Aquarius on May 16, putting you in an inquisitive mood. During these few days, you may find yourself feeling a bit prickly, with no patience for foolishness. Only partners who are as smart as you are will be appealing to you during this time. Venus enters Cancer on May 19, this is a powerful time to connect deeply with loved ones and to open yourself up spiritually. Your theme for Taurus season is reconnecting to your sexual roots. To aid in this, try to focus on strengthening your aura as you orgasm.



Venus enters Gemini, the twins, on April 24, and this is a great time to hit the spa with a friend or a lover. Rethink your ritual and try out couple’s massage. The experience can be fun even if you aren’t sleeping with your date. If you’ve been wanting to get laid, get ready to unleash your devilish side, water goat, as your social life will be a huge focus of the full moon in Scorpio April 29. If you’ve felt stuck in a sexual rut, things are likely to swing your way during this full moon.

Mercury enters Taurus on May 13, encouraging you to communicate with a partner about your needs in bed. If you’re in a long term relationship, use this energy to talk about that hot full moon sex, and how you’d like to work to have more of it.

A new moon in Taurus on May 15 will bring a fab fresh start to your love life. Uranus will enter Taurus on May 15, too, moving things along for your benefit. For you, Taurus season is all about a change in winds, and getting what you’ve been craving. Now that you’re being taken care of in one way, when Mars enters Aquarius on May 16, and security (financial and emotional) is on your mind. Finally, Venus enters Cancer on May 19, bringing good vibes to the partnership sector of your chart. Get closer with your lover by giving back all the good sexy vibes you’ve received, and offering to play masseuse yourself with Warming Massage Oil from Blossom Organics.



Lovely Venus enters Gemini on April 24, finding you in a very flirtatious mood. Aquarius loves attention, so if you’re bored, it’s time to practice some new pick-up lines. You’re a creative sign with captivating energy. Use this and compliment your partner or crush on something specific to them so they know your fascinating mind is interested in them for who they are.  

A full moon in Scorpio arrives on April 29, which will be a big deal for your career. Expect milestones to occur. Celebrate by asking for some jewelry that doubles as a sex toy, such as Cleo Bangle Handcuffs in lieu of flowers. Mercury enters down to earth Taurus May 13, encouraging you to talk about your feelings. Sometimes Aquarians seem a bit alien to others, or come off like you’re literally from another planet, so write out your thoughts to make sure your message isn’t lost in translation.  

The new moon in Taurus will bring some fresh vibes to your living space. You’re actually ready to make some big changes at home thanks to Uranus entering Taurus on May 15. Have you been considering a move, perhaps for someone you love, or angling to take the next step in your career? Now’s the time to make the leap. Mars enters your sign, Aquarius, on May 16, so expect a jolt of energy to arrive. You’re in the mood to pounce on a lover! Mars, the planet of war, has a thing for handcuffs, so plan a surprise visit to your boo and bring your new Cleo Bangles.

Venus enters Cancer on May 19, encouraging you to pamper yourself, so end the season on a calming note to process all that you’ve experienced.



Venus enters Gemini on April 24, finding you in the mood to beautify your home. Pisces are kinky, and if you didn’t spend all your money on weed for 4/20 (you fish can be major stoners), perhaps it’s time to install a sex swing, or a black leather chest for all your butt plugs.

There’s a powerful full moon in fellow water sign Scorpio on April 29, which will bring a big climax to a conversation that’s been building. Perhaps write an erotic story to help express your emotions. Despite your philosophical nature, sometimes staying grounded can be difficult for you, as you move with the current. You’re a creative sign, so writing out your thoughts in a sexy and original manner can be helpful to make sense of things. If you’re unsure where to start, try Unbound’s Secret Love Notes for inspiration.

Mercury enters Earth sign Taurus on May 13, creating a grounding energy for you around communication. Sit on that love letter you crafted until you have the strength of the bull by your side. The stars say that getting what’s been building off your chest will manifest the love life you’ve been desiring. Uranus enters Taurus, plus there is a new moon in Taurus on May 15, which will wipe the slate clean around communication. You’ll probably discover a whole new way to express yourself! You won’t be holding anything back now, either and may even wonder what took you so long to spill your guts.  

Mars enters Aquarius on May 16, which may find you having some late nights. Help lull yourself to sleep by masturbating in the bathtub. This season ends on a great note for you. Venus enters Water Sign Cancer on May 19, putting you in a very flirtatious mood. This is a fantastic time to fuck and have fun.



Venus enters Gemini on April 24, and a sexy exchange is sure to be had. Is there a hot sex scene that you watched in porn and have been dying to try out? The stars are aligned to have your wish be your command, so spill it to your partner(s). Just because sex is fun doesn’t mean it isn’t also emotionally intimate (even if it’s a casual fling). Being terrified of emotional intimacy is mostly an American thing that needs to go. Remind yourself that it’s okay to be vulnerable on the full moon in Scorpio on April 29. This will be an emotional time, so take your time with sex, and engage in plenty of aftercare. Open your heart, big transformations will be made now. Aries loves getting their way, and they usually do, but sometimes we need to express what we want to have it. Such advice sounds obvious, but can be harder to implement that expected.

Mercury enters Taurus on May 13, and security will be on your mind. Have your partner give you a full-body massage, concentrating on the lower back and booty (tension loves to hide in this area) with some Yes for Love Caress Cream for Buttocks. After the massage, have your partner lie on top of you, and make love to you while you’re engulfed in their arms. Fall asleep spooning and know that you are loved.

The new moon in Taurus on May 15 asks you to reflect on your self-esteem. Uranus also enters Taurus on May 15, which will find you breaking free from materialistic restraints. Aries love to look fabulous, and are good at it, too. We’d never ask you to put away your mini skirt, but remember that you’re worthy of hot, loving sex, even when you’re in a sweat pants mood, too. Mars enters Aquarius on May 16, which means your social schedule is about to get really busy. Make sure to schedule time for yourself and your partner And remember, it’s totally chill to forget makeup and spend some time in pajamas. Allow your period of self-care to reach a climax on May 19, when Venus enters sweet, nurturing, Cancer. Buy yourself flowers and cook a meal with a loved one.

The Serpent Sluts are a coven of Brooklyn-based witches made up of Broadly/VICE astrologer Annabel Gat, GQ/Allure sex writer Sophie Saint Thomas, and Bustle/SYFY reporter Casey Halter. Listen to their weekly sex and spirituality podcast, The Serpent Cast. Follow them on Instagram


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