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Sexscopes for Taurus Season (April 20 to May 21)

Sexscopes for Taurus Season (April 20 to May 21)

As the fixed earth sign ruled by the planet of art and hedonism, Venus, the second sign of the zodiac, Taurus, prefers to stick to the rivers and the lakes that they’re used to, as far as pleasure is concerned. However, the planet of rebellion, Uranus, is now in Taurus, which inspires new and exciting ways of experiencing sensuality. Impulsivity and curiosity are piqued, so follow what feels right, even if it’s off the beaten path. Make time to enjoy life’s pleasures. Hot dates: Follow a playful pursuit on May 5. Open up to hidden desires on May 9 and especially on May 18.


You’ve grown so much in the past year, and it’s time to celebrate. Learn about your body, what you like and don’t like. You surprise yourself with your own desires. Once you find something you’re into, you become accustomed to it and overly comfortable. The world is filled with possibilities, and you should follow your inner voice–go exploring whenever it asks you to open yourself up to new experiences. Fear kills moods, so confront it.

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Illustration of Gemini astrological sign symbol

Your physical strength is peaking, so blow off steam through May 15. See your imagination come to life. Up until Gemini season, you’re going to want to lay low and operate behind the scenes, carefully choosing your words. Secret love affairs give you a sense of personal freedom, but be sure to practice safer sex when you’re off being adventurous. Consciously connect your mind and body; be present, during the full moon May 18.

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Illustration of Cancer astrological sign symbol

Having the support of your community is critical at this time. If they wanna be your lover, they got to get with your friends. If you’re single, speed dating or blind dates are fruitful. Put yourself out there and you can attract people who understand your style. At the end of Taurus season, you’ve got a lot of energy pent up and will want to release it, especially during the full moon May 18.

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Illustration of Leo astrological sign symbol

With so much focus on your reputation and performing in the public eye, you need to balance it out by nurturing your private, personal life. You deserve to have nourishing food and enough sleep (which gets challenging after May 15, so catch up on your rest for now). Consciously make time for yourself and what makes you happy. You’re in high demand. If you put yourself first, that can only make you even more desirable.

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Illustration of Virgo astrological sign symbol

You’ve been working out the details of what intimacy requires from you. You have it more figured out now and are working on putting yourself out in the world and expanding your horizons, having new realizations. There is no rush in exploring new sensual territories and concepts, but you can ease into it at your own pace. There is excitement in the unknown, and a generous amount of mental energy to get you there fearlessly.

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Illustration of Libra astrological sign symbol

You are the sign that puts other people first. During Taurus season, other people are going to want to be the benefactors of pleasure. Trust is key for intimate connection, but it’s not something that can be hurried. Take your time with each other. Use your scales to balance give and take: if someone wants to give, don’t be too proud to take. Don’t be too shy to accept gifts (unless the gift is actually inappropriate).

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Illustration of Scorpio astrological sign symbol

This month is about upgrading your love life. While you crave deep connection, there is now a sense of understanding of how you can’t force it, and it is important to let you and your partners have freedom in your relationship. Playing puzzles and mind games in bed are encouraged through May 15, after which your style of doing it gets less intellectually motivated and more protective. Let your care for your lovers reach new heights.

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Illustration of Sagittarius astrological sign symbol

You have such a busy life during Taurus season, so it’s important to schedule in time for yourself to have great orgasms. Taurus is the sign that oversees your house of work and routine, which seems boring, but this offers the opportunity to upgrade your rituals of sensuality and sex. Break out of your usual song and dance, and try something different. Feel present in your body to assess what you need to practice more often.

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Illustration of Capricorn astrological sign symbol

Taurus season is the most fun for you of all signs, Capricorn. You are someone who knows what you like and how you like it, but this time around you’re increasingly interested in exploring new depths and textures of pleasure. You have a lot of energy to get your ritualistic release regularly. As much as you typically find yourself behind the wheel, after May 15 you have no problem with following someone else’s gentle lead.

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Illustration of Aquarius astrological sign symbol

There is so much happening in your personal life right now. Pat yourself on the back for still having the energy to put towards having a little fun, going out with your friends, and maybe even on some hot dates, too—regardless of the changes at home. Taurus season is a good time to get in touch with yourself and your libido. Get grounded so you can better understand what your body responds to best.

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Illustration of Pisces astrological sign symbol

Taurus season brings you the opportunity for some hands-on learning. Experimentation is not typically Taurus’s style (the sign prefers comfort), but through your own sensual intuition, you can get creative, and even inventive. Get curious with your own body, and with other bodies, to learn about perfect chemistry. After May 15, you have a lot of steam to blow off, with more energy to go out with your friends or go on hot dates.

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Illustration of Aries astrological sign symbol

Use Taurus season to get in touch with what makes you feel sexy, Aries. Having impenetrable self-esteem is one of the sexiest, long-lasting tools you can keep in your back pocket. Figuring out what makes you feel best is a learning process, and you have the right mixture of curiosity and self-awareness to put towards this self-love project. You deserve the best, but have you considered what it looks like?

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