With sexy Venus and Mars and other planets stacked in your sign this month, Virgo, you’re oozing charisma and attracting all the right attention. Unleash your inner sex-god/dess and own it! Keep the First Base Set handy and you’ll be prepared for the occasion when the mood or moment strikes. Or try Tether to keep you or a lover creatively restrained and bound, while taking you to the edge of pleasure.


Libra illustration

Cosmic lovers Venus and Mars along with other planets are tucked away in the hidden most part of your chart in September. This is the area of your chart that deals with “pleasures of the bed”, all that happens behind closed doors, sexual intimacy, and even spirituality. This is the perfect time to explore your fantasies, merge, and deepen sexual intimacy with a partner or with yourself. Dare to bare your soul, and it could be a sacred and healing experience. Stellar can help take your pleasure to otherworldly levels as you journey intergalactic dreams.


Scorpio illustration

With cosmic lovers Venus and Mars stacked in your social sector—whether single or coupled up: sex parties and orgies could be the perfect way to explore your sexual fantasies this month. Be clear on boundaries and consent and practice safe sex so it’s a pleasurable experience. If that’s not your style and you prefer privacy: a friend or someone you meet socially could be the lover of your dreams. In a current relationship—friendship is the key to reaching new heights of pleasure and trust. Carry the First Base Set and you’ll be prepared as the mood and moment strikes.


Sagittarius illustration

With cosmic lovers Venus and Mars stacked in your public sector, you could be mixing business with pleasure this month. Know your limits and keep things above board and you won’t go over the edge. If you’re a sex worker this could be one of your busiest times of the year. This is also the perfect time to work out your workplace, boss-secretary roleplay fantasies. Tsk could be the perfect addition to your naughtiest fantasies. 


Capricorn illustration

With cosmic lovers Venus and Mars in your travel sector, plan a romantic escape or get away with a lover or solo—you never know who you could meet. Sex could be a liberating, sacred and spiritual experience. Pack your Oh! To Go Bag with Clit Jolt Gel to explore new heights of sexual intimacy and bliss, the Bandit cock ring to go the distance, and the Zip bullet vibe for portable pleasure—anytime, anywhere.


Aquarius illustration

With a stack of planets including cosmic lovers Venus and Mars traveling through one of the most sexual areas of your chart—you’re oozing sexuality. This perfect time to explore bondage, power play, or BDSM fantasies with a partner, a sex worker or perhaps a Tantric sex workshop. Try Orion or Tether to explore the edge of restraint and ecstatic surrender, or Spike to take you to the edge of pleasure. Keep it safe and consensual.


Pisces illustration

With cosmic lovers Venus and Mars and planets stacked in your relationship sector it’s the perfect season to get down and dirty with a partner. If you’re single—there’s at least one person in your life who has caught your eye and wants to play. The Full Moon in your sign mid-month brings an emotional peak. Dive into your magic, a hot tub, and your pleasure with the Saucy external vibe, to take your pleasure to infinity and beyond.


Aries illustration

You have a full plate in September. As unromantic as it sounds, it might mean scheduling time for sex and intimacy. But it will give you something juicy and delicious to think about, plan, and look forward to during the day. Most gratifyingly—if you make the effort there’s real sexual healing on offer. Take the lead with partners (they’ll be happy you did)—put on some Marvin Gaye, grab some Dazy CBD Lube to heighten your already heightened senses and sensual pleasure, and get busy.


Taurus illustration

You’re sexually blossoming in September. There’s almost a sense of feeling new desire—there’s an innocent and playful curiosity to this energy. Try the Truth or Dare Cards to put your most daring sexual fantasies on the table with a new lover or present lover in new ways. Whether you’re exploring solo or with a lover, Clitoral Jolt Gel could be the perfect way to stimulate intense ecstatic bliss.


Gemini illustration

This month the planets, including cosmos lovers Venus and Mars, are stacked in your domestic sector. Are there places in your home you haven’t yet christened sexually? This is the month to do it—invest in satin or luxurious high thread count sheets and get down to it. You more than most have a hard time being pinned down or relaxing. The Orion cuffs could be the perfect way for a partner to keep you locked down for hours of pleasure, seeing stars in bed.


Cancer illustration

With sexy Mars and Venus in your communication sector, step up your sexting game. Be wise and careful with whom and what you send out into the ethers, but once you’ve identified your safe target don’t hold back your fantasies—the more imaginative the better. This is also the part of your chart that rules the hands; show them off with FLOSS GLOSS X UNBOUND: Bobby Bobby or be handcuffed with the Cleo Bangle Handcuffs—“there is freedom in restraint.”


Leo illustration

With the sexy Venus, Mars, and other planets moving through one of the most sensual parts of your chart and a luscious full moon in Pisces mid-month oozing with sexual fantasies—it’s a time to indulge your passions. Linger in bed with a lover or by yourself just that little bit longer. Pamper yourself, indulge your senses, pay attention to the little things about your lover that you love. It’s the perfect time for gift giving and receiving. The Harness could be the perfect gift for you both to enjoy and explore your sexiest bondage fantasies.


Horoscopes by Priya Kale.