Founded by two Stanford graduates, Tabú is a new breed of app. Dedicated solely to the topics of sex, sexual health, and gender, Tabú makes sexual discovery not only fun, but informative. Sift through a dynamic mixed media feed full of snappy videos, relatable stories, hilarious quizzes, and engaging articles from leaders in these fields. And if you're in a pickle, hop on over to their juicy Q&A feed to seek support and get expert answers. Or if you really want to know more (and become a “sexpert” in your own right), check out their curriculum for everything you ever wanted to know about sex and sexual health.

So how did this all start? The effort was born out of the issues founders Mia Davis and Elise Racine found themselves facing.

“In college, we both had a lot of questions related to sex, and so did our friends. While talking to friends about these questions and issues provided support, realistically, we were each just as clueless as the next”

Google searches were overwhelming and other resources, such as Cosmo, were shallow and unreliable – mostly providing tips and tricks. Overall, quality, trusted information seemed nowhere to be found for the duo (and honestly, millions of millennials like them).

“We’ve entered an entirely new sexual landscape, completely different from that of our parents. It’s time for sex ed to catch up. We need a solution that our generation actually wants to use" 

As it stands, less that half of U.S. states require sex education. 87% of those “stress” abstinence, and only 19 states require that, if taught, sex ed be medically accurate. It’s not surprise that 60% of college students report watching porn to learn about sex. Or that 1 in 4 students are diagnosed with some kind of STD. Those are some pretty dire statistics. Not to mention the prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses. Statistics vary, but most state that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 16 men are sexually assaulted during college. Clearly we need a change.

Enter Tabú. As a combination of community and knowledge, Tabú offers a unique approach to the issues making the app a safe, judgement-free platform where you can not only discover quality sexual health, but contribute to an open discussion of these topics -- all from privacy and convenience of your phone. Tabú is even partnering with other innovative brands within the space to highlight technology and products that are promoting this kind of discussion and exploration. Their next big project? Expanding their in-app curriculum to be distributed through colleges to ensure all freshmen are starting off on an even playing field.  

In short, you can think of them as sex ed for millennials. Their mission is straightforward – sex made approachable. Sex ed made applicable.   

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