With age or after pregnancy it’s perfectly natural for the vagina to be bigger than it was before due to the relaxation of the pelvic floor musculature.  This can, unfortunately, sometimes have an impact on sexual pleasure.  As a result, many women practice kegel exercises to re-tone these muscles and reap a host of additional benefits including improved lubrication, more intense orgasms and bladder control (see our piece on kegels here).  However- for a quicker (albeit more temporary) fix some women turn to tightening serums and gels. 

At Unbound, we are first and foremost concerned with female sexual pleasure- and tbh the concept of a “tightening serum” squicked us initially- not in small part because many of the extant products out there are not well regulated and are largely marketed toward men (or more specifically, sleazeball men) with names like “18 Again (Feel Tight and Wanted Again!)”, “Tight Cherry” and “Liquid Virgin”- vom, right? 

That said, science has borne out that increased blood flow and vaginal contraction can dramatically improve orgasm for women (in addition to enhancing pleasure for male partners).  We decided that if we could find a body-safe and easy-to-use version of these tightening gels from a brand with ethics in line with ours (see our curation process) we would feature it at Unbound. 

While most vaginal tightening creams rely on a caustic astringent like Alum that tightens the vaginal walls by siphoning moisture, we found one from Intimate Earth (who make lovely, all-natural stimulant gels, cleansers and more) that is alum-free and all natural. We also love that Intimate Earth is a brand focused on women's pleasure and natural, body-safe products just like Unbound.

Their “Embrace” tightening serum contains a blend of 100% organic extracts including a mix of capsicum, sunflower oil, and almond oil which allows the vaginal tissue to temporarily contract while remaining moisturized.  We tried it ourselves:  the sensation takes a minute or two to build and can be a bit intense at first, but it did enhance arousal and the feeling of intercourse.  Don’t take our word for it: try it and let us know what you think at thegirls@unboundbox.com!


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