It can sometimes feel impossible to find lingerie that is feminine without drowning you in lace or rhinestones (lookin at you, VS), or lingerie that is sexy, without making you feel like you're moonlighting at a dungeon.  Fleur of England has just the right touch, styling beautiful, unique pieces that are feminine, fierce and full of subtle luxurious touches you'll love.  We sat down with the eponymous Fleur herself to learn more...

What's at the heart of the brand?
Being true to ourselves and our brand message, creating beautiful luxury lingerie that women love and fit is everything!

How did you get started?
Fleur of England is my fist baby, I have watched her grow and develop over the past 16 years and I am incredibly lucky to have the most amazing team who all share the same passion and vision for Fleur of England. I set up Fleur T lingerie (which became Fleur of England in 2007) as my final year project at university, I saw a gap in the market for luxury lingerie that was directional but also fit immaculately. From day one, it was also our vision to help men find beautiful lingerie for their loved ones which would make the women in their lives feel treasured and loved. I guess I am a hopeless romantic at heart.

How did you personally get into the world of lingerie?
I have wanted to have my own company ever since I can remember and it was a natural obsession/progression that it was to be lingerie.

How do you think about new designs?
Each season we create and push the direction of design further in order to develop and evolve as a brand. The fabrics we use are traditional luxury fabrics, the finest silk, French lace and European embroideries in the world. My handwriting is easy to spot because of these fabrics and the way I use them. I hand draw all the embroidery designs and Jennie (Product Development Executive) works closely with me to ensure they are perfect.

I think I am extremely lucky or maybe you could call it a gift, I never run out of ideas for a collection, I start with colour and mood and everything flows from there. Of course I am influenced by life around me, I live in a beautiful creative city (Bristol, UK) full of Georgian architecture and we are a stone’s throw from Somerset and the Cotswolds. We have recently launched Resort by Fleur our swimwear collection, it has been extremely successful and we work hard in house to create a bespoke print for our stunning designs.

Do you think lingerie can empower women?
I believe lingerie is your foundation and when it fits beautifully and look amazing you feel confident and ready to take on the world.

How do you think about marketing and PR to get the word out?
I studied Fashion Marketing at university and marketing is a big passion of mine, I believe it can set you apart from other brands and needs to remains true and genuine. We use marketing to tell the story of the collection, its mood and its essence.

Where is FoE headed in the future?
We have just launched a new e-commerce platform which we are exceptionally proud of, it is our shop window to the world. We do have a new development in the works but it's top secret at the moment, watch this space!

How has feedback from your customers been?
Customer feedback is essential to our development and we take on every comment that is fed back to us, especially on fit, we constantly tweak and improve.

What's your retail strategy?
We are concentrating on working with our amazing wholesale partners and pour own e-commerce at the moment.



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